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thought this would be of interest to some.  please feel free to distribute.

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Thanks, Lila!  Just wanted to let folks know, according to site--NOT the 
same as Scrip Talk, but similar.

Have a groovalicious day.


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  June 3, 2014 04:45 PM


  Walgreens announced that it is providing talking prescription labels at 
all of
  its 8,000+ retail pharmacies in the United States and through mail order. 
  talking prescription labels are free of charge to pharmacy customers
  who are blind or visually impaired.  The device also includes a

  Walgreens press release is here: 

  initiative is a result of ongoing Structured Negotiations with the
  American Council of the Blind, The Illinois Council of the Blind, and the
  California Council of the Blind. Linda Dardarian of Goldstein, Borgen,
  Dardarian and Ho and I represent the organizations.

  help us spread the work about this important health, safety, and 
  initative. As always, feedback welcomed.

  Lainey Feingold

  Law Office of Lainey


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