[Colorado-talk] Help with Straightening Out an SSI Repayment Mishap?

Everett Gavel via Colorado-talk colorado-talk at nfbnet.org
Wed Jun 4 21:01:58 UTC 2014


With no names needing to be mentioned here, I'm 
asking for help or leads on how you would proceed 
in dealing with SSI and Social Security, when they 
have just told a young adult here in the springs 
that she must pay back something like $14,000. 
This young adult recently found out her extended 
family bought her savings bonds (worth $1700) when 
she was a child. She's an adult now and has been 
given them, and mentioned them to Social Security 
at some point when asked of such things. Those 
bonds, plus a recent FAFSA payment into her 
account to pay for her semester, supposedly put 
her a couple hundred over the limit, and now they 
are telling this young adult that she must pay 
back $14,0000. Her only income thus far has ever 
been SSI, she hasn't yet had a paying job and is 
currently a full-time college student. They've 
been sending her in circles not giving any answers 
in person, at all, and requesting more and more 
paperwork and past records of her bank account. On 
top of that 2 different local reps have told her 
the limit was 2 different amounts. One said $2k, 
and 1 said $3k. Now this latest assessment says 
she must simply pay back $14k. Not to mention the 
fact that they stopped paying her her monthly 
check a couple months ago. Can anyone offer some 
serious help here? This seems ludicrous. If you 
can help, please contact me off-list. Thanks.

Blessings to Your Efforts!
everett at everettgavel.com
(719) 510-8017

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