[Colorado-talk] The colorado asociation of guide dog users lists and facebook page.

melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
Tue Nov 18 23:21:50 UTC 2014

COAGDU yahoo discussion list  

Send a blank message to:

NFB_Colorado_guide_dog_users-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Then reply to the message you get back confirming that you want to be on the

To unsubscribe: send a blank message to:

NFB_Colorado_guide_dog_users-unsubscribe at yahoogroups.com

Then reply to the message you get back confirmingthat you want to leave the

The coagdu list on nfbbet.

To subscribe: go to www.nfbnet.org, then to the join or drop mailing lists
link.  Look for Coagdu and click on it and fill out the information to be
subscribed.  You will also receive a message that needs confirmation so just
reply to the message you receive.  To unsubcribeyou do the same steps except
for filling out the form.

Also please like our facebook page.

www.facebook.com/coagdu or search for coagdu on facebook.

Thank you.


Melissa R Green and Pj.

when it comes down to it, that's what life is all about: showing up for the
people you love, again and again, until you can't show up anymore.  


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