[Colorado-talk] CCB on 9News Tomorrow A.M.

Dan Burke burke.dall at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 15:30:27 UTC 2014

Oh yes, we're excited!  The Colorado Center for the Blind will be
featured tomorrow morning on 9News with Gregg Moss's "Where in the
Town" segment!

The fun starts at 5:15, and we'll have five short segments every
half-hour, with Maureen, Chip, Tom, Chris & Mo introducing Gregg to
the core classes taught at the Center and our positive philosophy of
blindness.  These guys are getting up very, very early to do this, so
I hope you'll tune in.

How did this happen?  Well, it's thanks to our participation in
Colorado Gives Day 2014 with FirstBank and the Community First
Foundation.  Community First arranged four spots with Gregg Moss this
month, and invited nonprofits to make proposals.  Gregg picked us and
three others out of about 30 proposals.

You can watch 9News from the web at:


Just find the link that says "Watch."

Colorado Gives Day is December 9, and contributions on that day
qualify us for a portion of the $1 million Incentive Fund. Even
better, you don't have to wait till December 9, you can go to our
giving site and schedule your contribution for December 9, which is
perfect for me since I don't have to remember anything except my
credit card number.  I mean, that's about 14 numbers long, right?


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Dan Burke
My Cell:  406.546.8546
Twitter:  @DallDonal

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