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James Beal bealcorgi at aol.com
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Thank you for sending this. However, I have seen through working with 
two very different Independent living Centers that they have been and 
are becoming more entangled financially with DVR. There has been a 
movement on the national level for independent centers to break away 
 from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) but it hasn't 
caught on here much because they are too dependent on Rehab for funding 
and thus are controlled to a very large extend by Rehab procedures and 
policies. This self-serving entity seems to have as its primary purpose 
to grow itself at the expense of two entities, the disabled population 
and the taxpayers of Colorado. It wouldn't hurt my feelings or many 
others who read this post if this association of welfare parasites was 
simply allowed to sunset as happened to the Commission for the Blind 
several years ago. i will not give credence to them or provide 
information they have no intention of using to improve service 
delivery, and neither should you. Why does NFB even support its 
existence, let alone provide them information they have no intention of 
using for anything except justifying their own sorry, do-nothing 
existence? anything would be better than what hwe have here now.

James E. Bea

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Too often, ILC services and programs for the blind
seem like an afterthought, rather than part of the
core of ILC services for various disabilities.
Here's an opportunity to share more about
blindness and possible programs & services at ILCs
throughout Colorado. The deadline to give your
input is May 31st, 2015. The links are below.

Strive On!

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The Colorado Statewide Independence Living Council
(SILC), along with the
10 independent living centers in Colorado, are
asking you to please
distribute this survey among your stakeholders.

We are gathering data from everyone in Colorado
who lives with a
disability. This survey will help us monitor and
improve our current
services for people with disabilities and to
determine where we will focus
our attention next when we write the State Plan on
Independent Living
(SPIL) in 2016.

This survey can be found on our Colorado SILC

by going to our Facebook page

or you could even share this survey on Twitter

Paper copies are available by request or if you
need this survey in another
format or another language, please let us know.
*You can email
us survey at coloradosilc.org
<survey at coloradosilc.org> or you can call the
Colorado SILC phone number at 303-968-6546
<303-968-6546>. *

Please let us know if you have any questions or
need anything else.

*Deadline for taking the survey is May 31, 2015*.

Thank you!

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