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Wed Dec 16 19:57:47 UTC 2015

With Washington seminar right around the corner, we need to focus on collecting letters from students on inaccessibility in your classes, that they may be presented to Congress in Washington.  We've all experienced it, and we all can have a part in changing that. We also need letters from colleges and Universities in support of Aim High so that guidelines may be created for schools to make their classes accessible to everyone.  
If you have any questions about writing these letters, please ask me or the NABS legislative committee directors, as listed below.
Below is a message from the committee along with two sample letters.
Please be in touch and let's get these important letters written.

Anna E Givens, 
Colorado Association of Blind Students
annajee82 at gmail.com

The NABS Legislative Committee is diligently working with states to collect equal access to education testimonies. Our goal is 250 letters, and we are not there yet. Thank you to those who have taken the time to write sincere letters. For those who haven’t, we strongly encourage you to share your story. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience in the classroom, Congress needs to hear it; and who better to advocate for what we deserve than blind students ourselves? It is much more powerful to walk into your representative’s office and slap down 5+ personal stories about blind students and the lack of accessibility in the classroom. We are the ones directly impacted; and that is why they need to hear it from us.
Attached, you will find two sample letters to give you an idea of what we are looking for. Do not worry about the length; instead, focus on what you experienced and urge Congress to support the creation of voluntary guidelines in order for us to fairly participate in higher education. If you have any questions or need any guidance in writing a letter, please reach out to Sean Whalen (nabs.president at gmail.com) or Kathryn Webster (kathrynwebster.nfb at gmail.com). Then letters can be sent to Sean or me.
We are looking forward to Washington Seminar; and thank you for your continued efforts to ensure blind students can live the life we want.

Anna E Givens


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