[Colorado-talk] Having issues accessing southwest.com to book itinerary for more than 1 passenger

Zachary N. Griego-Dreicer zdreicer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 07:28:14 UTC 2015

   I am trying to book an itinerary for multiple passengers on my boot camp windows 10 running JFW17 latest with Southwest. The website instructions said to use the arrows to change number of passengers but I cannot seem to get it off of 1, and I want all passengers on this itinerary on the same confirmation number. Additionally in past, I thought I remember a screen reader mode on southwest website but can’t find it now. I have my macbook pro side of this machine but haven’t tried that with VoiceOver or the iPhone app. Can anyone replicate this issue? If so how is the issue can be reported to the airline? Thank you! Happy holidays!
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