[Colorado-talk] [Nfb-coloradosprings] PPCC says you have to have sight to work inchildcare with them?

melissa R green graduate56 at juno.com
Mon Jun 15 03:08:12 UTC 2015

Very good point.  It goes to
my point of gathering all of
the information.  I am also
willing to help out in any way
that I can as well.
Best regards,
Melissa R Green and Pj
Love is being committed with
out a guarantee.

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As a state board member and
someone who has worked on a
number of national issues I
would consider that I have at
least some leadership role in
our affiliate. This is the
first I have heard about the
issue. If Rebecca has reached
out to me I have not seen an
email or gotten the messages
but I would be very very very
happy to hear and work with
her frankly, I think to imply
that leadership has not gotten
back to her, on a list is very

Kevan Worley
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Hello Again,

I did mention that I might not
have *all* the details, and
asked your forgiveness if I
was off-base at all, right?
Well, when I mentioned to Lisa
that I shared this bit of
discrimination publicly, she
informed me that it's not just
a PPCC thing. I'm sure some of
you are well aware, but
obviously I was not (smile),
that it'sdiscrimination on a
national level. It's the
accreditation for the
childcare, NAYCE, and is a
national issue with requiring
vision, apparently.

Strive On!

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So, what say you, people, when
a college work-study program
tells us, in their
applications, that to do
childcare for them you must be
able to see?

... if I'm understanding
the situation correctly. If
I'm not, please forgive me.
... I'm throwing this out
there for public knowledge,
that Pike's Peak Community
College (PPCC) has this
requirement written out in
their applications. You
apparently have to see to be
competent to do childcare. Who
knew? Someone should tell the
hundreds if not thousands of
blind parents  - maybe more in
this country, I'm not sure -
that if they are blind, hey,
they shouldn't be taking care
of their children. I mean, who
knows what might happen to
those poor kids? At least,
that seems to be the
conclusion of the leadership
at PPCC. They say you must be
able to see, to work in
childcare with them. Even
though Rebekah's major is
Early Childhood Education, and
she was absolutely born to
work with kiddos. Just sayin.

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