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Subject: Subject: new braille product announcement

There is a new 40-cell braille display available from BAUM, called the Vario 340.

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New Product

[BAUM logo]

Vario 340

[Vario 340 braille display]<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/products-vario-340-html/fsc7k/40105296>
Vario 340
The brand new 40-cell braille display, from BAUM.

  *   High-quality construction; Made in Germany
  *   40-braille cells with integrated cursor routing
  *   Affordable at less than $3,000
  *   Contact Renee Clark<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/rc-landing-html/fsc7t/40105296> to learn more, or to place an order.
  *   Download Vario 340 brochure<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/ts-vario-340-letter-2s-usa-pdf/fsc7p/40105296>
[Vario 340 and laptop]

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