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Lorinda Riddle lriddle at cocenter.org
Wed Nov 16 18:18:05 UTC 2016

Apparently the PDF is not reading correctly right now. They are working to fix it.  In the meantime, here is the text.

Vario 340

Assistive Technology for people who are blind or visually impaired

Visit us at www.baumusa.com<http://www.baumusa.com>

The compact braille display for home and office

Image: The new braille display Vario 340

The Vario 340 is a high quality yet affordable 40-cell braille display for computer users in need of a compact, lightweight solution for use with computers at home, work, or school. Like other BAUM braille displays, Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it. Vario 340 features a reversible USB Type C port, which means it doesn't matter which direction the USB plug is facing. Vario 340 has everything you need for quick access to information. Plus, it's easy and comfortable to use.

■ Compact, lightweight and elegant

■ Easy and comfortable to use

■ Human Interface Device (HID)

■ New USB Type C port

■40 braille cells with integrated cursor routing

■ Practical function keys

■ High quality, robust housing

Vario 340

The compact braille display for home and office

The Vario 340 impresses with its simple yet functional design, with the high quality BAUM is known for. The 40 braille cells are embedded in a solid metal casing that is robust and durable. Navigation and operation is achieved via 6 function keys; there are 3 on each side of the braille display. Vario 340 is so power efficient that a battery is not needed. Just connecting via USB to your computer is all you need.

Using Vario 340 is very easy. Simply connect the supplied USB Type C cable to your Windows PC and you're ready. No device drive is needed. Vario 340 automatically detects the operating system, and can be used in conjunction with COBRA screen reading software, or with JAWS. Unlike micro or mini USB connectors, the Type C USB port means not worrying about which direction the USB connector is facing.

Image: The compact braille display for home and office use with your desktop or laptop PC.

Image: Vario 340 with the optional leatherette bag.

Image: The USB Type C connector can be inserted into Vario 340 in either direction.

Technical specifications


■ 40 Braille cells with integrated Cursor Routing buttons

■ Six function keys; three left and right of the braille display


■ Use with popular screen reading software such as COBRA (from BAUM) or JAWS Measurements and weight:

■ 1.9 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches

■ 1.1 pounds

Connections / interfaces:

■ USB Type C

■ HID - Human Interface Device


■ Leatherette bag (optional)


13 Branch Street, Suite 205

Methuen, MA 01844

Toll-free: (855) 620-7985

Email: info at baumusa.com<mailto:info at baumusa.com>




Renee Clark
Toll-free: (855) 620-7985, x405
Mobile/Text: 650-520-4345
rclark at baumusa.com<mailto:rclark at baumusa.com>

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Thanks Renee,

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From: Renee Clark [mailto:rclark at baumusa.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 11:13 AM
To: Lorinda Riddle
Subject: Subject: new braille product announcement

There is a new 40-cell braille display available from BAUM, called the Vario 340.

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View it in your browser<http://go.baumusa.com/webmail/144561/40105296/8c8987561afd838df4fff53743f2169b93907db7c230c443991bb700517db274>.

New Product

[Image removed by sender. BAUM logo]

Vario 340

[Image removed by sender. Vario 340 braille display]<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/products-vario-340-html/fsc7k/40105296>
Vario 340
The brand new 40-cell braille display, from BAUM.

  *   High-quality construction; Made in Germany
  *   40-braille cells with integrated cursor routing
  *   Affordable at less than $3,000
  *   Contact Renee Clark<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/rc-landing-html/fsc7t/40105296> to learn more, or to place an order.
  *   Download Vario 340 brochure<http://go.baumusa.com/e/144561/ts-vario-340-letter-2s-usa-pdf/fsc7p/40105296>
[Image removed by sender. Vario 340 and laptop]

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