[Colorado-talk] NFBCO Sports and Recreation Division January Meeting

Lisa Bonderson lbonderson at cocenter.org
Mon Jan 9 21:27:57 UTC 2017

Happy New Year from the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Sports and Recreation Division! Have you made a commitment to yourself to become a little healthier in 2017? Whether your goal is to exercise more, lose weight, get enough sleep, or even reduce stress it helps to have allies! The NFBCO Sports and Rec Division is here to support you in your wellness journey. If you are looking for tips about how to modify exercise equipment, answers about how to do certain activities as a blind person, or a supportive group who will share in your successes, join us on January 12th for our first NFBCO Sports and Rec meeting of the new year. We love to share ideas and discuss health and wellness with you!

When: Thursday January 12, 7:00PM Mountain Standard Time

Phone: 712-432-1500 access code 564151#

Jessica Beecham

Program Director

WE Fit Wellness

1837 S. Nevada Ave

PMB 243

CO Springs, CO 80905

W           866-543-6808

C            615-497-0435

Jessica at wefitwellness.com<mailto:Jessica at wefitwellness.com<mailto:Jessica at wefitwellness.com%3cmailto:Jessica at wefitwellness.com>>


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