[Colorado-talk] The Last Djd Invasion Evver To Air On KJSCRadio Is Tonight

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 20:54:10 UTC 2017

The Last Djd Invasion To Ever Air On KJSC Radio Is Tonight
Hi Everyone!
 Join me on KJSC Radio for what will be the last show I ever do on that
 station, starting at 8 PM eastern tonight.
 Before going any further, there are no hard feelings between me or
 anyone on that staff. Quite the contrary in fact. But times are
 changing, old chapters are ending, and new ones are beginning, and not
 just for me, but by others involved with the station, too!
 This evening's special program will include:
 Fun and upbeat music
 A look at my graduation from the Colorado Center For The Blind
 As the subject of this post would suggest, this is the end of an era
 for me in broadcasting. What does the future hold? What's next on my
 You'll learn all about that during tonight's show. One thing is
 certain; this is the end of the KJSC Radio era for both me and others.
 More to come tonight!
 It's going to be a very musically fun, very informative radio program,
 and one you won't want to miss for sure!
 During the show, you can get in touch with me to make requests, say
 hello, or whatever via skype at
 Via twitter at
 Via telephone (standard rates apply) by calling
 And, the live real time request system is back. So you can search my
 music library in real time and have your requests sent to me instantly
 once again. From the time you see this message all the way til the end
 of the show, you can search my library for songs you want to hear at

 So to tune in to tonight's show, you can
 1. Get the TuneIn Radio app on your droid or IPhone and search for KJSC Radio
 2. Listen in from any computer at
 3. Visit the special listen page Jonathan Candler created at
 4. you can put the following url into your favorite media player of choice:
 5. Or, you can download a playlist file that will automatically play
 the stream in yourr favorite media player on the computer once you
 click on it. The download linnk for this file can be found at

 Regardless of how you tune in, I hope you'll be there, as one door
 closes, and another one opens in this exciting internet radio journey
 I've been on for the last 18 plus years.
 I look forward to your company and to some fun tonight!
 All the best,
 David Dunphy

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