[Colorado-talk] 2018 National Convention Career Fair

Monique Melton mmelton682 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 16:27:21 UTC 2018

Hello Coloradoans!!  Below is some information on registering for this
year's career fair at National Convention.  If you are planning to
attend and are a job seeker, you will find this info very helpful.

New Registration System for 2018 NFB Career Fair
Dear 2018 NFB Career Fair Attendees:
This year, we have developed an online registration system for the
2018 NFB Career Fair. It is available by either clicking on the
following link, or by copying and pasting the link into your browser,
whichever works best for you:
You can register in three ways:
1.	Fill out the online form and submit it, along with your resume if
you have one.
2.	Send an email to NFBEmployment at gmail.com containing the information
in the online form, and we’ll enter it for you. You can attach your
resume too.
3.	Send an email to NFBEmployment at gmail.com with your phone number and
we’ll contact you and take your information over the phone.  You can
attach your resume. Tell us the best time to call you.
You will be able to register online through July 7, the day of the
fair. The system is still new, so if you run into questions or
problems, please contact Scott Cavna or his assistant at
NFBEmployment at gmail.com.

We’ll have people available at the convention to register you for the
career fair, but it saves time for you and us if you take a little
time to register before then. You do have to register for the Career
Fair to be admitted. There is no charge to do so.
We encounter many employers who are interested in statistics on the
number, types, and qualifications of people who attend the Career
Fair. That is why we are asking for so much information on the
registration form.  We are collecting resumes to be able to share them
with employers, but we will ask you for permission to do so first.

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