[Colorado-talk] End the Book Famine, Call Today!

Scott C. Labarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Thu May 10 15:18:44 UTC 2018

Hey everyone, I am delighted to report that S. 2559, the Marrakesh Treaty
Implementation Act, passed out of Senate Judiciary  this morning on a 20 to
0  vote.  Senators Bennet and Gardner are not yet cosponsors.  So keep those
calls and emails coming and their cosponsorship is still very important as
this bill heads to the entire Senate.


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Yes, it would be great if everyone could call!!!  I just bugged the offices
again this morning and to have follow on calls would be great!

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Greetings all -

We need to make some phone calls about Marrakesh once again. Here's what
John Pare said earlier this week -

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on the Marrakesh
Implementation Act, S. 2559, this week on Thursday, May 10. We need to build
more cosponsor support for this bill before that date. Senator Grassley is
the bill sponsor...

Remember, there was already a hearing in Foreign Relations at which Scott
LaBarre testified. But the bill has to go through two committees, and
Judiciary is the second committee.

And neither Colorado Senator is on this bill, but they should be.

First, Senator Bennet has given indications he would cosponsor, but his name
has not yet appeared on the bill. While Scott LaBarre is reaching out to his
staff, how about we show that the NFB of Colorado means not only smart,
engaged leadership but also  smart collective action on the part of an
engaged membership. You can call Senator Bennet's ofice at 202-224-5852.

What you say is:
I am so-and-so and a member of the NFB of Colorado. I urge Sen. Bennet to
cosponsor S. 2559, the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act.

Senator Gardner serves on the Foreign Relations Committee and Scott says he
came up and shook his hand prior to the Foreign Relations Committee hearing
last month. But he's still not a cosponsor of S.
2559.  You can call his office at:


Say the same as above.

Thanks all!


Dan Burke
President, NFB of Denver

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