[Colorado-talk] Colorado Parents of Blind Children Mail List SIGN UP

Rob Harris trebor681 at gmail.com
Mon May 6 20:09:03 UTC 2019

If you are interested in joining the Colorado Parents of Blind Children
mailing both physical and email list please follow the simple directions


1.	Send an email to trebor681 at gmail.com
2.	Subject line "COPOBC"
3.	Please send me the following



Address including ZIP



Preferred method of contact

Add the following, Are you:

Parent, Family, Professional, Organization, Community, Friend

Interested in volunteering? Y or N


As we communicate you will be able to adjust your communication preference.
Look forward to more information soon!




Rob Harris
Mobile: (970) 208-3100

Colorado Parents of Blind Children

 <http://www.nfbco.org/> www.NFBCO.org

 <http://www.nopbc.org/> www.NOPBC.org


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