[Colorado-talk] Come Run With Us Virtually

kevan at nfbco.org kevan at nfbco.org
Thu May 16 15:44:12 UTC 2019



Some chapter members have been asking how they can participate in the race
without running or walking. First, you can register for the race and then
just walk or run or treadmill any amount you want, alone or with others, in
your house, in the neighborhood, etc. You are on the honor system. It's just
a wonderful way to participate. It is a nice way to support the cause.
Remember, there is no raffle this year to raise funds for our NFBCO
programs. So, we are putting a lot of our effort into the race event. When
you register, you will be making a contribution to our work. You will also
receive one of our stunning collectible finisher medals. And, you will
receive your  t-shirt. You can proclaim to the world your support for our
NFBCO 6 Dot Dash 5k when you wear your race t-shirt. So, please encourage
chapter members, friends, families, to register today. Encourage friends and
families all over the nation to register. 


Secondly, come on out to the event on Saturday morning June 29. There will
be coffee and refreshments prior to the race. We can always use volunteers.
We can always use cheerleaders. It's fun! 


Third, after the race there will be the blind beer tasting. All kinds of fun
activities for the kids. Some great exhibits, massage, free stuff, tours of
the Colorado Center, and much more. 


So, register, run, in person or where ever, tell everyone you know, and join
us for any or all of the festivities at the CCB June 29. 


Soon, you will be able to pick up some fliers at the CCB front desk and by
other means. You can use these fliers to give to businesses, health clubs,
restaurants, hotels, friends and family, etc., etc. Please do it! 




At Your Service,

Kevan Worley

Manager, NFBCO Project Literacy

Cell: (303)929-2369



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