[Colorado-talk] final request

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Sun May 26 16:51:40 UTC 2019

hello all,
I hope that you all are doing well today. well, I had posted this to
these lists many months ago and, I got no response from anyone from
these lists so, here is my final request on this! and, this will be
the final request on this topic. I had posted to theselists that I am
wanting to attend this year's national convention in las vegas since I
haven't been to convention since 2015 due to personal issues in my
life. I am in still need of a roommate for convention. it's to cut
down on the costs of convention and for the room. normally, I have
roomed with my sister Rebecca who is also a member of the nfb but,
cannot attendagain this year! so, if you are still interested please
email me off list at amieelsabo at gmail.com or call me at 303-588-7725.
either if you already have a room or if not then I will make the
reservation asap! so, please email me or call me off the lists asap!
time is running out and, I need to make my reservations for national

amy sabo

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