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National Service Briefing 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YSA Logo 
6d10lDG44XqLxxEA_G3QmzbIxgNrrhq0=]National Service Briefing
published by Youth Service America

August 18, 2011
Volume 18, No. 33
Circulation: 39,950

Serve To Remember:
Engaging Youth on 9/11
~~~~~~~9/11 Day of Service 
Pw-IJMthlowF6zUaQHKMEb9B2Q3MGB0w=]We Serve to Remember: 10 Lessons for 
Engaging Youth on 9/11 As we approach the 10th
anniversary of 9/11, we are challenged to explain the significance of 
the event
to America's young people - many of whom have no first-hand memory of 
the occasion.
YSA (a September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance partner) 
offers experience
in engaging youth by suggesting the following ten lessons learned and 
related ideas
for service-learning projects: http://bit.ly/pKv13L 
6OTz62Q7RpFTNJd-2g9gSNjyEYtVOcNA=]"I will..." Public Service 
In a drive to organize the single largest day of charitable service in 
U.S. history
in observance of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, MyGoodDeed and 
HandsOn Network
  launched an inspiring national PSA campaign. The powerful campaign, 
themed "I will
(pay tribute)," features relatives of 9/11 victims and survivors of the 
  along with celebrities and others encouraging people everywhere to 
engage in good
deeds and voluntary service in honor of those who perished in the 
attacks in observance
of the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance. Watch the PSA at 
Community: Stories of Youth Service Responses
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. YSA offers, "Rebuilding 
Stories of Youth Service Responses to 9/11", an activity to learn about 
and honor
the contributions youth made to their communities in response to 9/11. 
Through this
activity, youth will find, document, and share similar inspirational 
stories. By
  interviewing individuals who were age 5-25 during 2001, youth will 
gain a better
understanding of the significance of September 11th and the call to 
service, and
  will utilize these new understandings to design service projects for 
their communities.
Learn more at: http://bit.ly/okRGti 

News From the Field

Apply to Serve on the State Farm Youth Advisory Board

The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is comprised of 30 young adults 
ages 17-20 from
communities across the country and Canada. The Board's mission is to 
oversee a $5
million signature service-learning initiative to address pressing 
issues that have
a direct impact on communities. Youth Advisory Board members are 
responsible for
  identifying these issues, overseeing the site selections and grant 
making process,
providing technical assistance to the site grantees, and assisting with 
and outreach. The application deadline is October 3. Information and 
are available at: http://bit.ly/p9TBNE 
LGpZkQ2Dm4y5uzlsXPjVaBLLAhhuexRI=]Young Minds Competition

The Young Minds competition is looking for exceptional young people 
between the
ages of 18 and 24 who are changing their communities and the world.  
Submit a 1
minute video describing how you're making a difference  and  you could 
be one of
  12 exceptional young people selected to attend  Google's annual 
two-day Zeitgeist Americas event-where  you'll join over 400 of the 
planet's top
  leaders and biggest brains - from businessmen to bloggers and 
inventors to activists.
You'll also get tailormade master classes from Google. 
XpujQTOWxw1II8UXQCTnPs18Kj2VWEaw=]Become a Host Family for a State 
Dept. Scholarship Exchange Student

American Councils for International Education is seeking volunteer host 
  for incoming US State Department sponsored scholarship students 
arriving at the
  end of August. These students participate in Global Youth Service Day 
and carry
  the tradition back to their home countries as alumni!  They have won a 
  competition in their home countries to qualify and students receive a 
small stipend
to pay for some of their expenses. All types of families in which 
English is the
  primary language are welcome, including those with teenagers or 
children at home,
retirees, "empty nesters," and single parents.  If you would like more 
please visit http://bit.ly/p8NKA4 
Tfw3hc_dWWErH3X4hqyO-kzXyR2DSi2A=]Tell President Obama He Needs a 
Presidential Youth Council

YSA, along with 38 other partner organizations, have signed on to a 
letter calling
on President Obama to create a Presidential Youth Council to advise the 
branch on youth policy.  You can read the letter at 
5_j0WIsMmkGU3IXjjdCF6b8HnhJo5Tno=]To sign your organization on to this 
letter calling on President Obama to "empower
disadvantaged youth across the country, ensure that scarce federal 
resources for
  youth programs are directed toward where they can do the most good, 
and help us
  win the future" please e-mail YSA Youth Council member Alex Wirth 
[mailto:alxwirth at gmail.com]with your organization name and contact 

Grants & Awards

Sodexo Youth Grants
Deadline: September 16

YSA will award 25 Sodexo Youth Grants of $500 each to support youth-led 
  projects in the United States that address the issue of  childhood 
hunger during
National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness  Week (November 13-20, 2011).  
We're looking
for projects that engage  your peers, friends, families, neighbors, 
Sodexo employees,
and other  community members in creative, youth-inspired solutions to 
ending  childhood
hunger in your community. Learn more at www.YSA.org/grants/sodexoyouth 
Dickson Servant Leader Award
Deadline: September 23

The Alec Dickson Servant Leader Award given by the National Youth 
Leadership Council,
recognizes an individual whose life has had a distinctive impact on 
The recipient of the award personifies leadership, courage, creativity, 
and compassion
- values Dickson felt characterized people he most respected.  The 
award will be
  presented at the National Service-Learning Conference in Minneapolis, 
Minn., April
11-14, 2012. The winner will receive travel, lodging, and registration 
to attend
  the conference. http://bit.ly/n8Mbzw 
JO3A0WmtOMhqZR4YVCoqPfivxGKvma28=]E-Waste Drive Campaign Scholarship
Deadline: October 1

Do Something is partnering up with Best Buy and ENERGY STAR to run an 
E-Waste Drive
campaign. Collect e-waste, deliver it to your local Best Buy store, and 
fill out
  a report back form.  DoSomething.org will be giving out $10,000 to the 
team to be used as an educational scholarship or project grant. Never 
fear! We'll
make sure to split the money evenly among all your team members. Run an 
drive and fill out a report back form by October 1: 
CWnyxFvBcxQs8Kz7BD7QTF_6uDqQTeak=]UnitedHealth HEROES Grants
Deadline: October 17

The UnitedHealth HEROES program is a service-learning, health literacy 
that awards grants to help youth, ages 5-25, create and implement 
local, hands-on
programs to fight childhood obesity. The grants encourage semester-long 
  that launch on MLK Day of Service  and culminate on Global Youth 
Service Day. Schools,
service-learning coordinators, non-profits, and students in the health 
located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are eligible to 
apply for
the $500 - $1,000 grants. Learn more at www.YSA.org/HEROES 

Everyday Young Heroes

Kelly Turner
Fort Meyers, FL

YSA recognizes fourteen year old Kelly Turner of Fort Myers, Florida as 
one of our
Everyday Young Heroes for his work to address the issue of hunger in 
his community.

After reading an article in the newspaper about hunger, poverty, and 
despair in
the "33916 neighborhood zip code" of Fort Myers, Kelly was inspired to 
do something
to help the homeless community.   Kelly, along with the other youth in 
the 4-H club,
learned to bake bread from scratch during a workshop.  Using the skills 
that he
learned at that workshop, Kelly planned, organized and led the youth 
and families
in the 4-H club to use their recently learned bread-baking skills to 
bake bread
and then deliver and donate it to the Community Cooperative Ministries, 
Inc.  In
  Fort Myers, Florida 150 homeless people per day visit this soup 
kitchen for their
only meal.

Through the relationship Kelly has established with the Soup Kitchen 
and their Board
of Directors, he has continued his work to improve hunger by building 
raised garden
beds and planting gardens for urban and underprivileged preschool youth 
at the Montessori
School located onsite at the Soup Kitchen.  The vegetables and produce 
from the
gardens will be the only fresh food some of these underprivileged youth 
will have
to eat. Kelly's future plans are to re-landscape the front of the Soup 
Kitchen which
will tremendously improve the look of the 33916 community and offer 
hope and encouragement
to the homeless and needy who congregate at the facility each day.  By 
and executing this project, the community need of feeding the needy and 
the homeless was met.

For his commitment to ensuring that the homeless community in Fort 
Myers does not
go hungry, we honor Kelly as an Everyday Young Hero.

To nominate a young person who has improved their community through 
service to be
recognized as an Everyday Young Hero, please visit 

Resources & Trainings

Work on Purpose

Work on Purpose tells the stories of five Echoing Green changemakers as 
they journey
 from struggle and uncertainty to significance and success by developing 
with purpose.  The book offers thought-provoking questions and a list 
of more than
175 career resources and programs to help readers put their hopes for a 
career into action.  Written by Echoing Green's senior vice president 
Lara Galinsky,
with a foreword by LIVESTRONG's Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman, and an 
  by Harlem Children's Zone's Geoffrey Canada, Work on Purpose is a key 
source for
creating a career that will change your life...and the world.  To order 
copies or
learn more, please visit http://bit.ly/nNDdYi 
axFVTBngPh_FVJSy8z0D0ZDGQ7H8QdrM=]Be Better Together for 9/11

Check out Interfaith Youth Core's  "Be Better Together for 9/11" 
resource. The toolkit
will help you coordinate and execute your own interfaith service events 
-- whether
it's cleaning up a local park, packing meals for a relief organization, 
or building
a local Habitat house. You'll bring together students of different 
religious and
  non-religious identities to serve your community and reflect on what 
inspires each
of you to make the world a better place. http://bit.ly/oQrFpc 
w8kC9l6KxlhBVNKByMD4vkAqYeDhdbM4=]NYLC Webinar: Exploring the Generator 
School Network - September 15

Wondering how to best utilize a Generator School Network membership and 
get involved
in the online community? Join us for this free session to learn about 
the resources
available. Discover project organization tools, curricular planning 
materials, assessment
guides, and an interactive multimedia tool designed to support 
professional development
rooted in the high-quality practice standards. http://bit.ly/ndheB8 

Service Calendars

Conferences & Events

National Conference on Citizenship 
ag_ukZN8bF-BsJj_9XF6vtC0Z3ItUpfF3qfun-ECBercaXJnoCp5R]September 15 - 
Philadelphia, PA

September 22-23 - Phoenix, AZ

YSA Youth Service Institute 
75FTugRLoidOiNbNLOzZ8cWIgUtUSzWJSf9qc1MbWLg==]October 24-26 - 
Philadelphia, PA

2nd World Summit for
Youth Volunteering 
r 3-5 - Barranquilla, Colombia

People to People International Global Youth Forum 
mber 9 - 13 -  Kansas City, MO

National Service-Learning Conference 
lPXi6fyb8f0iteShfA0-EKJLtU500k-2GUHxQ4DNoxg==]April 11-14, 2012 - 
Minneapolis, MN

See more events on the Conference Calendar.

Seasons of Service

September 2011

Hunger Action Month 
SeSfgWh36R5uvdmvXYEIUKcy-FeWmCzapqPheh5pwtBt4EbAZFX6a]- September
Literacy Day 
EdjQzbiiCkN4]- September 8
9/11 National Day of Service and
-c7o1zRG665yFEs6g6LbshW85E5038DIucSCCY-Hv4g==]National Hispanic Heritage
Sept. 15 - Oct. 15
Constitution Day 
56aicX-stCBYklSbEFqXhso21_wfxrKZuW5On5-fzWmQkiJVFge_R]- September
Boys & Girls Clubs Day for Kids 
AMkYaJK-gXlVVO7JW-jHiyvWgJntFbBeMV1pn6_s7Nw==]- September 17
International Day of Peace
1W3VTj8JJORuduoqyBdcSt6bYnM_ocJX2lAW-zWcXM72ezcok3GIh]- September 21

See more important dates on the Seasons of Service Calendar.

Quote of the Week

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and 
become more,
then you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

The Editors

Mike Minks

Director of Outreach

e Miranda

Manager of Outreach
Associate Editor

Mike Man

Manager of Outreach
Associate Editor

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