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Hi Ashley,

I am actually the marketing Chair of a non-profit organization that is purely volunteer which creates and enhances accessibility to the outdoors for persons with disabilities, elders, veterans and youth with disabilities.  The group is called the north American squirrel association or what is better known regionally as nasa, and we have been around since 2003 as a 501-C-3 non-profit.  Like I said, it is 100% volunteer and all of the services we provide to the participants is no cost. I am also one of the past presidents where I served 4.5 years, but have also chaired the Marketing Committee and now also serve as secretary.  One of the things I have emphasized all along, is to try to get individuals with disabilities to participate, and then work to foster the leadership among them so they not only become involved as participants, but also as leaders within our organization.  It is quite the group, and I also am a leader and participant, and will be hunting in a pheasant hunt this coming weekend.  


I have also volunteered for many groups and organizations over the years, and have made sure to have a diverse resume with it not being blind-organization specific.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many things I had volunteered for at one given time, but it was approaching 25 committees, boards, and the like, and now have it down to about 7 or 8.  Pursue your passion and it will pay.  Get involved and you will grow.  I should also mention that I also serve as a one of 9 individuals appointed by our Governor and Secretary of our department of Natural Resources on our States Disability Advisory Council.  I have done this for the past 10 years as outdoors is an incredible passion of mine, and by working at a larger level to break down barriers, it benefits everyone thus my involvement in nasa.  If anyone is interested, check out the nasa website at www.nasasquirrel.org


Make it a great day,





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Hi all,


As I said before, I want to volunteer to gain experience for my resume and hopefully use some skills I will use on a job when I am employed.

I like outreach and helping people. Therefore I want to serve the public.

I am thinking at the Smithsonian museums perhaps or another museum, another tourist attraction, or maybe even the White House visitors’ center.

I want to have communication with the public in person and on the phone.

I want to also do other communications work such as writing press releases, press letters, newsletters and brochures.


What volunteer experiences have you had doing these sort of things?




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