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In  My AmeriCorps Expirience, I  was asked to be a media contact for
the service teams I served on.  i would creat press releaces,  and
contact media outlets, I was also a recruiter  or "CAPPer" as they
called it. I went to high schools and community groups  where youth
were and told them about what awesome  things one could do  when
taking part in national and community service.
  in different organizations, I took part in outreach efforts,  did
reception work, and generally alot of public work.
  I think that the very  nature of community service is being in the
community, in the public eye helping people.  Sometimes, it's not  a
glamerous thing, but it's a great thing to do and you get a great
feeling from doing it.  Not to mention you gain alot of wonderful

On 2/27/11, bookwormahb at earthlink.net <bookwormahb at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I said before, I want to volunteer to gain experience for my resume and
> hopefully use some skills I will use on a job when I am employed.
> I like outreach and helping people. Therefore I want to serve the public.
> I am thinking at the Smithsonian museums perhaps or another museum, another
> tourist attraction, or maybe even the White House visitors’ center.
> I want to have communication with the public in person and on the phone.
> I want to also do other communications work such as writing press releases,
> press letters, newsletters and brochures.
> What volunteer experiences have you had doing these sort of things?
> Thanks.
> Ashley

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