[Community-service] 2016 - 2017 National Federation of the Blind Community Service Division Committees: Building the Federation by getting involved.

Darian Smith president at nfbcommunityservice.org
Tue Jul 19 10:32:51 UTC 2016

Fellow Federationists,
 The board of directors of the National Federation of the  Blind Community Service Division just recently  met and we are very excited to come out of the blocks strong for the 2016 - 2017 term.
 As you know, the division develops programs,coordinates activities and initiatives mostly through the work of committees.
 These committees are lead by an individual who has interest in a  cause or has an idea and wants to see it leave the ground.
 At  the present time, there are six committees, each of which is chaired by a member of the division’s board of directors.
 In the coming days you will hear from each member of the board, as they introduce themselves and tell you a little more about the committees they are chairing.
 As you hear from them, I highly encourage you to reach out to them, get to know them and share with them your thoughts and ideas on the projects they are working on for this division.
 If you would like to chair a committee or  head up a project yourself Please get in touch with me.  My contact information appears at the top of the following list, and can also be found in my signature at the end of this message.

President: Darian Smith
president at nfbcommunityservice.org

Vice President: Dacia Cole
Committee: Service engagement
dacia.luck at gmail.com <mailto:dacia.luck at gmail.com>

Secretary: Chris Parsons
Committee: Website/Blog 
(314) 973-5889
christine-parsons at sbcglobal.net <mailto:christine-parsons at sbcglobal.net>

Treasurer: Johnathan Franks
Committee: Fundraising
(512) 569-2522

jfranks at nfbtx.org

Board Member : Tara Abella
Committee:Cards for Troops/Service Awards  
(317) 507-7783 
tnabella at bsu.edu

Board Member: Ronnie Bellomy
Committee: Outreach
(817) 996-6228
ronnie.Bellomy at yahoo.com <mailto:ronnie.Bellomy at yahoo.com>
Board Member: Kyra Sweeney
Committee: Membership
kyra.sweeney94 at gmail.com

We look forward to working together to break down the barriers to community service opportunities for the blind, and to raise both the expectations of the blind and the spirits of  our fellow community members. 
 Let’s get involved!

Darian Smith
President, National Federation  of the Blind Community Service Division

Web: www.nfbcommunityservice.org

Twitter: @NFBCSDivision, at goldengateace

Facebook: search for “National Federation of the Blind Community Service Division"

E-mail: president at nfbcommunityservice.org <mailto:president at nfbcommunityservice.org>


The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.
 “We need your service, right now, at this moment - our moment - in history. I'm not going to tell you what your role should be; that's for you to discover. But I am going to ask you to play your part; ask you to stand up; ask you to put your foot firmly into the current of history” — Barack Obama 
 Help drive change for the blind .
Donate your car to the National Federation of the Blind today!
For more information, please visit: www.carshelpingtheblind.org <http://www.carshelpingtheblind.org/> or call 1-855-659-9314

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