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I also thought of tutoring in an after school program but access to print would be a barrier. While the kids could read it to me, they probably struggle with reading and cannot read fluently, so that
idea would be unfair to both of us.

Maybe you could help out with special events and decorate or plan it. Maybe you could register those for some sort of program.

Also it depends on your interests. Some classes have volunteer aids in the class.
If interested in working with special education, they could probably use a volunteer in the classroom.
If you work with a teacher, they probably can provide electronic formats of print material for you.

When I tutored in an after school program run by a nonprofit, I ran into the print issue too.
Sometimes instead of assisting with homework, I had one child read to me which worked better because they could go at their own pace and spell troublesome words to me. 
I could also often guess the words by context clues. But the homework was different because I needed to see the whole sheet and skim it to help them and I could not do that.

Oh, you could also come in and read to children. You could even explain about braille and who invented it assuming you read braille fluently.


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I am interested in volunteering at my local school. Since I would have no access to the printed material since I am totally blind, I was wondering what different people have participated in an order to volunteer at their school.
Thank you.

Kim Brown 

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