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I would like to suggest a way to give back to our community, our
federation family, and our blind community by helping out with NFB
Newsline. You could contact your state newsline representative and
volunteer your service by way calling newsline subscribers and help
assist them with navigating the system. In the state of Texas, our
newsline representative will send each local chapter a list of new
subscribers to call and to make sure they received their log in
information  plus check to see if they need any additional assistance.

I will be more than happy to connect you with your state affiliate. I
love your willing spirit to serve and I look forward to serving with


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> Hi Kim, there are tons of opportunities for virtual volunteering depending
> on where your skills and interests are:
> - fundraising phone calls and outreach
> - data entry
> - blogging or social media promotion
> - language translator
> - proofreading eBooks (using a screen reader)
> - sew or knit blankets for those in need (emotional support, homeless,
> etc.)
> - create thoughtful cards or notes for children or even adults in the
> hospital
> - help children in third world countries practice their English just by
> chatting with them via internet
> - online support
> - moderating an online discussion group
> - application development
> - online research (helping on criminal cold cases, free the innocent,
> academic research, etc.)
> - professional online assistance like helping women entrepreneurs in third
> world countries
> - help students with their homework and other academic-based projects
> This is just a sample of all the wonderful volunteer opportunities out there
> for someone to lend a hand without sight and without physically being there.
>  Basically, someone is out there looking for what you can offer.  Just be
> sure to do a little research into the organization requesting help.
> Hope this helps~
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> Hi there,
> I have asked this question before, but I?m going to try it again. I live in
> a very rural area, so transportation is an issue. I am totally blind, and
> I?m looking for community service projects. Has anyone else done projects in
> this type of situation?
> Thank you very much
> Any ideas are appreciated
> Kim Brown
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