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Hi Kim, there are tons of opportunities for virtual volunteering depending on where your skills and interests are:

- fundraising phone calls and outreach

- data entry

- blogging or social media promotion

- language translator

- proofreading eBooks (using a screen reader)

- sew or knit blankets for those in need (emotional support, homeless, etc.)

- create thoughtful cards or notes for children or even adults in the hospital

- help children in third world countries practice their English just by chatting with them via internet

- online support

- moderating an online discussion group

- application development

- online research (helping on criminal cold cases, free the innocent, academic research, etc.)

- professional online assistance like helping women entrepreneurs in third world countries

- help students with their homework and other academic-based projects

This is just a sample of all the wonderful volunteer opportunities out there for someone to lend a hand without sight and without physically being there.  Basically, someone is out there looking for what you can offer.  Just be sure to do a little research into the organization requesting help.

Hope this helps~

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Hi there,
I have asked this question before, but I?m going to try it again. I live in a very rural area, so transportation is an issue. I am totally blind, and I?m looking for community service projects. Has anyone else done projects in this type of situation?
Thank you very much
Any ideas are appreciated

Kim Brown
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