[Ct-nfb] Humanware Victor Stream

Suzanne Westhaver swesthaver at comcast.net
Thu Feb 2 22:18:13 UTC 2012

Some time ago I posted about my Stream and a diagnosis of a bad motherboard.

I ended up purchasing a Booksense which I love.

Last weekend I got a larger SD card for my Booksense and just for hahas I slipped it into my Stream to see if it was my SD card that was the problem.

Tech support at Humanware said it was not my SD card but the motherboard and I needed to purchase a new Stream.

Well, the new SD card fixed the problem

I’m posting this in the event this happens to anyone else.  The new SD card cost me less than $30. The Booksense cost me almost $400.

I wrote Humanware requesting they send my authorization key as it had been deleted in the diagnosis process.  I explained to them what had happened and suggested they put this as a possible solution as it was a rather costly venture for me.

Humanware sent me the authorization key but no apology which is why I went with the Booksense.  Of course, I bought the Booksense before this all came about, but I really believe as blind consumers we deserve better customer care.

My Stream was less than 2 years old and Humanware offered me no discount on a new Stream.

Today I looked at new Braille displays for work.

One was a Humanware product and the other a Freedom product.  I chose the Freedom product.

If I got an apology, perhaps I would have considered the Humanware product.  I actually liked a feature on the Freedom product over the Humanware display, but I think I’ll avoid Humanware as much as possible in the future.

I think the least they could have done was acknowledged the information I sent them and apologized for the oversight.

The bright side of my story is that I now have two portable book readers.

I’m not sorry I purchased the Booksense and after using both, I’d recommend the Booksense to anyone who asked.
The Stream has a couple features I like over the Booksense but overall I think the Booksense is a nicer product. I might be a little jaded though.
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