[Ct-nfb] Okay guys I need help

Hamit Campos hamitcampos at gmail.com
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What do you mean it thinks you have HD speakers? You mean it picked
multichannel audio? That's odd. What did you connect to it? I don't get why
it did that. Here is how it's supposed to happen. Just like in Win 7, you go
to the sound dialogue, 2 you choose your play back device from the list that
comes up, then you tab to the configure button and hit it. After you get
into this dialogue, you can now choose how many speakers you have and even
test them. I don't understand why it chose surround sound unless you hoocked
the computer up to something like my Bose Companion 5 Multimedia speakers
which are USB. Or into a true surround system via HDMI. Odd. Well, that's
how you fix it. The way I explained before on how it should go especially
when dealing with analog audio. Even if you did connect it to a surround
system with a bunch of RCA cables and stuff, it shouldn't choose surround
sound for it self. Only when you do it the 2 ways I meantioned before. I
don't know how it reacts to SPDIF since I've never used that, but I think
even then you have to go in your self and make it surround sound your self.
I hope you can fix it. It's too bad you don't like Win 8. It's actually some
what like Win 7 but for the start screen and stuff like that I've found when
using it.


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Good morning all,


I have recently purchased a new dell, with Windows8 which really sucks.
While setting up this pc, I have some how convinced my system that I have
high definition/ surround speakers, of course I don't and unlike older
versions of windows it will not allow me to just reset this. 


So if any of you have windows 8 and can tell me how to ifx this problem I
would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure you are all asking  why don't you just
call tech support answer is simple they don't speak English and I don't
understand them.




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