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I was going to call but it is after 11 a.m.  Is it too late since you  just 
sent out the correct phone number?
Joyce  Kane
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Sorry folks, the Representative's phone number is an 800 number:  

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Ilene -  While the representative's phone number doesn't work, the 
committee  phone number does: (860) 240-0440. You should be able to 
leave a  voicemail if no one picks up.
Lucia - Thanks for letting us know even at  such short notice.

On 27.03.2013 10:44, Stanley Torow  wrote:
> sorry lucia, i called and got no answer at either  number.
> eileen torow
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> [Ct-nfb] legislative  alert!
> Hi all,
> The Environment Committee of  the state legislature is meeting today 
> at
> 11:00AM to vote  on approving pending bills in their committee. HR6654
> is one of  them. One section of this bill would remove BESB's first
> right to  vending facilities in state parks that the DEEP maintains
> and,  instead, open the facilities to the highest bidder. This would
>  involve 3 state parks (Rocky Neck, Hammonassett, and Harkness) where
>  blind people now run these vending stations. We apologize for the 
>  late
> notice, but the agenda was just posted this morning. Please  call the
> Environment Committee at 860-240-0440 to express  disapproval of
> section 4 of HR6654. Also a call to Representative  Craig Miner, who
> introduced this section, would be appreciated. His  number
> 860-842-1423.
> Thanks,
> Lucia  Lee
> NFB of CT
> 860-289-1971
>> In January,  Rep Miner introduced HR5817 that proposed amending the
>> state  statutes to exempt concessions provided by the DEEP from the
>>  general requirement that such concessions be provided by the  BESB.
>> This bill has apparently died. However, the wording has  been
>> included into HR6654, which is on the Environment  Committee's agenda
>> for Friday's public hearing. Here is the part  that concerns the
>> concessions at DEEP-run parks Underlined  sentences are proposed
>> additions; the entire Sec 4 is an  addition to current statutes.
>> Sec. 3. Subsection (a)  of section 10-303 of the general statutes is
>> repealed and the  following is substituted in lieu thereof
>> (_Effective from  passage_):
>> (a) The authority in charge of any building or  property owned,
>> operated or leased by the state or any  municipality therein shall
>> grant to the Department of  Rehabilitation Services apermit to
>> operate in such building or  on such property a food service
>> facility, a vending machine or a  stand for the vending of
>> newspapers, periodicals, confections,  tobacco products, food and
>> such other articles as such authority  approves when, in the opinion
>> of such authority, such facility,  machine or stand is desirable in
>> such location. Any person  operating such a stand in any such
>> location on October 1, 1945,  shall be permitted to continue such
>> operation, but upon such  person's ceasing such operation such
>> authority shall grant a  permit for continued operation to the
>> Department of  Rehabilitation Services. The department may establish
>> a training  facility at any such location. The requirements of this
>>  subsection shall not apply to any state park or forest under the
>>  custody and control of the Commissioner of Energy and  Environmental
>> Protection.
>> Sec. 4. (NEW) (_Effective  from passage_) The Commissioner of Energy
>> and Environmental  Protection shall issue a request for proposals for
>> the operation  of the food service facilities located in the state
>> parks and  forests under the custody and control of the commissioner
>> In  awarding any contract for the operation of such food service
>>  facilities, the commissioner shall award such contract to the
>>  highest responsible bidder. Nothing in this section or section
>>  10-303 of the general statutes, as amended by this act, shall be
>>  construed to prohibit the Bureau of Education and Services for  the
>> Blind from bidding on any contract authorized pursuant to  this
>> section.
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>>> Subject: impending bill a  concern
>>> From: "Chris Kuell"  <>
>>> Hi  Lucia,
>>> I heard that Representative Craig  Miner, a Republican, has
>>> attached his bill to take away a  blind vendor's first right of
>>> refusal to operate a vending  facility in a state park to a bill
>>> being considered by the  state Environmental Affairs Committee. If
>>> passed, this would  immediately put 3 blind vendors in CT out of
>>> work, and of  course, set a terrible precedence for future
>>>  Randolph-Sheppard entrepreneurs. His bill became an amendment to  a
>>> bill being considered by the environmental  committee.
>>> Thanks,
>>>  chris

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