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Wed Jan 10 13:52:38 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,
I just read this article from President Riccobono contained in “Imagineering our zFuture” and felt it really captured us so well.

Dear Friends,

This time of the year is referred to in many different ways. A common expression is the "season of giving". In some ways the "season of giving" is always in bloom in the National Federation of the Blind. When people ask me what distinguishes our organization, I always share with them that our passion is driven by the spirit of giving back.

In the National Federation of the Blind we believe in raising expectations for blind people by connecting blind individuals with mentors. Often times the mentoring is not formal but happens through authentic interactions at a chapter meeting or through local outreach done by our affiliates when we come across other blind people and we share our experience and philosophy about blindness. Sometimes the mentoring is formal, as demonstrated through our scholarship program or our NFB BELL Academies, or even our first-timers programs at state and national conventions. In all of these cases—formal or informal—the mentors are blind people who got to where they are because a member of the Federation mentored them in the past. Even more inspiring is that the mentors of the Federation are still being mentored on a daily basis because in the process of giving back we learn from those we are mentoring.

I have tried to give back to the National Federation of the Blind all that it has given to me in my life through the relationships, understanding about blindness, and everyday tips and tricks that allow me to live the life I want. In the process of trying to give back by mentoring the next generation, I continue to stretch myself, gain new insights, and find myself challenging my previous assumptions. This helps me to be a better father, a more effective mentor, and a stronger leader in my local community.

If you want to understand what fuels the passion of the members of the National Federation of the Blind, you need to understand the dynamics of giving back. In 2018 we will be seeking to significantly expand our mentoring programs across the country. You can be certain that this will only increase our passion for the work of this organization and expand the number of individuals passionate about giving back.

Thank you for all you have given to the National Federation of the Blind this year. In 2018 we will strive to give back to our supporters through the progress we make in our great nation and the world.

 Deb Reed, President
National Federation Of The Blind
Central CT Chapter
Phone - 860-973-3679
Email - deb.reed57 at gmail.com
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