[CT-NFB] Happy New Year!!!

marchelediggs mdiggs2 at peoplepc.com
Wed Jan 1 17:40:01 UTC 2020

☺️✈Announced boarding Flight 2020...
💼 Your luggage must contain only the best memories of 2019...
Bad and sad moments shall be discarded in the nearest waste receptacle... 👍
The journey is 12 months. So you can easily adjust your seat belt.
The next stops will be:
Love, joy, kindness, goodness, humility, patience
Self-control, harmony, prosperity and peace. 😉
During the flight the captain offers the following menu:
* An abundant cocktail Of Health
* Garantee of Prosperity,
* A bowl of Excellent News
* Salad of success,
* and a three layer cake of Happiness,
All accompanied with bursts of smiles ... Since 2019 is finished, allow yourself to thank the people who made your year beautiful.
My wishes to you and your family are to have a pleasant trip 👪 aboard Flight 2020✈ ...
Your best plan for
2020 is to include God in all his ways 🙏☝ Blessings !!
Happy New Year!!!
Love always,
Marchele and family  

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