[Electronics-Talk] Second Generation Victor Reader Stream

Tony Sohl tonysohl at samobile.net
Wed May 18 16:08:29 UTC 2016

Hi I originally wrote an email to this list and it was for my first 
generation stream well that unit is no longer available, however I do 
have a second generation stream available for sale.

The Second Generation Victor reader stream for sale and all items are 
included except for it's cilocone case. It has the latest software on 
it which includes the new internet radio recording option. The device 
will play audible content and it accepts cards up to 32 gig..

You can download bookshare books and NLS books into the internal 
memory. You can then move them to an SD carde and it also has a podcast 
catcher. The podcasts can also be moved to the SD card as well.

These devices are normally going for $350 to $400.00. I'm asking $300 
or best offer I accept checks, money orders or money transfers into 
Wellsfargo. If you do send a check or money order, then let me know 
when you send it and if possible put some type of identification on the 
envelope such as a sticker so I know that it's the check. If you have 
any questions, you can email me at:
tonysohl at samobile.net

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