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Subject: Huge Price Reduction on K-NFB and K-Reader

Handy Tech North America is pleased to announce the most significant
price reduction of the world's most portable, and now  most affordable camera
based image capture and read technology.

Effective immediately, and just in time for the holidays, customers will
enjoy a $600.00 price reduction in the K Reader and K-NFB Reader Mobile
software Products.

Just released in January of 2008, both the K-Reader and K-NFB Reader
Mobile software were priced at $1,595.00.  The new price is $995.00.

We at Handy Tech North America both applaud and appreciate this
development because it places this awesome technology well within the
grasp of consumers who simply couldn't afford it before.  We understand that
for some, $1,495.00 the new cost of the K-Reader and K-NFB Reader with Nokia
N82 Mobile bundle, may as well be a million dollars because some people don't
have that either, but considering that only 2 years ago the original
reader cost $3500.00 is amazing!  I would challenge those who would argue that
the cost is still too high, to name another product in the assistive
technology industry that has come down in price by $2000 over a two 
year period, I
can't think of one myself at the moment.

Here is the new price breakdown:

K-NFB Reader Software only: $995.00
- for people who already own a supported phone such as the N82 and would
like to install the software themselves.

Nokia N82 and K-NFB Reader installed and configured: $1,495.00
- for people who have no immediate desire to access the features of the
phone, but want a portable and reliable means of accessing print

Nokia N82, K-NFB Reader and choice of Mobile Speak or Talks screen reader
installed and configured: $1,795.00
- for people who want access to print materials and wish to access the
 >> features of the phone such as messaging, contacts, calendar appointments
much more.

Nokia N-82, K-NFB Reader, choice of either Talks or Mobile Speak screen
reader, Way Finder Access GPS navigation software with GPS receiver
installed and configured: $2,295.00
- for people who want to add GPS navigation to an accessible phone and
the world's most portable means of accessing printed materials.

The above pricing is subject to change without notice.

For more information call Handy Tech North America at:  651-636-5184 or
  e-mail:  sales at handytech.us

Best Regards,

Earle Harrison
Handy Tech North America
Ph:  651-636-5184
Fx:  866-347-8249
Em:  earle at handytech.us
Wb:  <http://www.handytech.us>www.handytech.us
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