[Greater-baltimore] Urgent Action Needed in Annapolis

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Sun Mar 22 18:48:03 UTC 2009

Hello, all.

If bills are to make it out of the general assembly this year, they must 
cross over to the other house by Friday, March 27. In other words, House 
bills must move out of their committee and be voted on by the whole House 
and sent to the Senate and Senate bills must be moved out of their committee 
and be voted on by the whole Senate and be sent to the House. We need to 
call delegates and senators on Monday and Tuesday to eliminate 
discrimination on the basis of physical disability in custody and adoption 

The phone number for each legislator on this list is 410-841 plus the 
individual extension or 301-858 plus the individual extension. Please read 
below and call the delegates and senators in Baltimore City or the county in 
which you live. Please ask delegates to vote in favor of HB 689, Disabled 
Parents Custody Rights, and to move it out of the Judiciary Committee 
quickly. Please ask senators to vote in favor of SB 613 Disabled Parents 
Custody Rights, and to move it out of the Judicial Proceedings Committee 

Anne Arundel County
Delegates: Tony McConkey, Ext. 3406; Donald Dwyer, Ext. 3047;     Senator: 
Bryan Simonaire, Ext. 3658

Allegany County
Delegate: Kevin Kelly, Ext. 3404

Baltimore City
Delegates Samuel Rosenberg, Ext. 3297; Curt Anderson, Ext. 3291; Jill 
Carter, Ext. 3283; Frank Conaway, Ext. 3189;     Senator: Lisa Gladden, Ext. 

Baltimore County
Delegates: Todd Schuler, Ext. 3526; William Frank, Ext. 3793;    Senators: 
James Brochin, Ext. 3648; Norman Stone, Ext. 3587

Carroll County
Senator: Larry Haines, Ext. 3568

Frederick County
Senator: Alexander Mooney, Ext. 3575

Harford County
Delegate: Susan McComas, Ext. 3272;    Senator: Nancy Jacobs, Ext. 3158

Montgomery County
Delegates: Kathleen Dumais, Ext. 3052; Luiz Simmons, Ext. 3037; Benjamin 
Kramer, Ext. 3485; Susan Lee, Ext. 3649; Jeff Waldstreicher, Ext. 3130; 
Senators: Brian Frosh, Ext. 3124; Jennie Forehand, Ext. 3134; Jamie Raskin, 
Ext. 3634

Prince George's County
Delegates: Ben Barnes, Ext. 3046; Gerron Levi, Ext. 3101; Victor Ramirez, 
Ext. 3340; Kriselda Valderrama, Ext. 3210; Joseph Vallario, Ext. 3488; 
Senator: C. Anthony Muse, Ext. 3092

If your county is not on the list, call the chairman of each committee.
Delegate Joseph Vallario, Ext. 3488; Senator Brian Frosh, Ext. 3124

The blind parents of today and tomorrow are counting on us. Thanks for your 


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