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>         Subject: Job vacancy at the Library Of Congress
>From: Zuhair Mahmoud <zuhair at accesstojobs.com>
>The Library Of Congress is looking for a director for the Office of 
>Opportunity, Inclusiveness and Compliance. Please spread the word. 
>Pasted below is excerpts from the job announcement. Please visit the 
>URL above for more information and to apply.
>The Library of Congress serves the Congress in fulfilling its duties 
>and preserves and promotes knowledge and creativity for the benefit 
>of the American people. It is the nation's oldest federal cultural 
>institution and the world's largest library, with more than 145 
>million items in its physical collections (including books, 
>manuscripts, prints, photos, film, video, and sound recordings) and 
>almost 20 million items online. Located on Capitol Hill in 
>Washington, D.C., the Library is the home of the U.S. Copyright 
>Office, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the Law Library of 
>Congress and the National Library Service for the Blind and 
>Physically Handicapped.
>The Director of Opportunity, Inclusiveness and Compliance reports 
>directly to the Chief of Support Operations (OSO). As a senior 
>manager of the Library of Congress, the incumbent will serve as an 
>expert advisor to the Chief, OSO and senior leadership on all 
>matters relating to EEO and non-discrimination in the delivery of 
>Library programs. Incumbent is responsible for planning and managing 
>the Employment Discrimination Complaint Program, Cultural Exchange 
>and Awareness Program, Selective Placement Program and partners with 
>HRS on Recruitment Planning.
>This position is located in the Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness 
>and Compliance, Office of Support Operations, Library of Congress.
>The position description number for this position is 236699.
>This is a Supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.
>    * See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.
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>Has overall responsibility, as well as delegated authority, for the 
>oversight and administration of broad, emerging, and critical 
>Library of Congress EEO programs and operations.  Serves as the 
>Library's expert and is primarily responsible for directing and 
>planning the development, implementation, and assessments of 
>employment discrimination complaint processing, management of 
>inclusiveness and diversity programs, and development and management 
>of employee cultural exchange and awareness programs.
>Provides administration and technical supervision to a staff 
>performing work up to the GS-15 level.
>Performs strategic, administrative, and human resources management 
>plans and functions for OIC.  Establishes guidelines and performance 
>expectations for staff members, which are clearly communicated 
>through a formal employee performance management system.  Sets 
>expectations for staff members and holds individuals accountable for 
>their work products and overall contributions to the furtherance of 
>the goals and fairness and inclusiveness in all Library operating programs.
>Serves as the primary expert advisor on broad and complex program 
>areas that affect equal employment opportunities for substantial 
>numbers of people.  On a regular and continuing basis, advises the 
>Chief, OSO, supervisor at all levels, and senior 
>managers.  Periodically meets with and briefs members of the 
>Executive Committee and the Operations Committee on significant 
>and/or controversial EEO issues.
>Develops policies and regulations that stimulate new and progressive 
>EEO management policies that have impact across Library 
>lines.  Creates long-range policies to address unprecedented EEO 
>issues that require the generation of original innovations, 
>concepts, principles leading to Library-wide developments and 
>changes.  Provides authoritative interpretations of new or modified 
>legislation or guidance material of relevant employment law and 
>regulations, Congressional intent, judicial decisions, rulings, and 
>decrees, Library of Congress, and other organizational directives, 
>and Executive Orders.  Translates new legislation into program 
>goals, actions, and services.
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>A candidate's resume must show a proven record of accomplishment 
>that clearly demonstrates the following:
>(1) Ability to Lead and Manage Workforce Diversity, Equal Employment 
>Opportunity, Dispute Resolution, Accommodation Programs and Related 
>Staff in a Federal Environment**:  Led, supervised, and managed a 
>diverse staff and in so doing, performed the following activities: 
>1) identified current and future staffing needs based on 
>organizational goals, objectives, and capacity gaps; 2) recruited 
>and hired staff to meet those needs; 3) communicated and drafted 
>performance expectations; 4) conducted periodic review of annual 
>requirements; 5) provided appropriate training and professional 
>development opportunities to staff; and 6) identified and 
>implemented methods to improve staff productivity.
>(2) Knowledge of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity and 
>Affirmative Action Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures and 
>Diversity Strategies**:  Ensured agency compliance with all Equal 
>Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations, determined and 
>directed the development and implementation of affirmative action 
>policies and procedures to meet management goals and directives, and 
>facilitated a climate that utilized the talents and skills of a 
>diverse workforce.
>(3) Ability to Interact Effectively with a Diverse 
>Workforce**:  Developed and maintained a diverse staff, as well as, 
>a variety of relationships, such as, senior leadership, managers, 
>supervisors, individuals, organizations, other government agencies 
>and contractors.  This also included relating well to people from 
>varied and diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, age, education, 
>professional background, as well as, dealing effectively with 
>individuals who are difficult, hostile, or distressed.
>(4) Ability to Communicate in Writing:  The ability to produce 
>complex and specialized written products related to the work of the 
>position and the supervisory responsibilities in conveying 
>information in written form such as polices and procedures, planning 
>documents, performance management documents, program proposals, 
>reports, memoranda, project plans, and contract proposals.
>(5) Ability to Define and Solve Problems and Make Decisions:  The 
>ability to identify the problem or issue, and to gather, examine, 
>and interpret information to generate effective solutions to 
>problems and make sound decisions.  This includes the ability to 
>seek, logically examine, analyze, interpret, and synthesize 
>information from different sources; generate and evaluate reasonable 
>alternative solutions and the implications, consequences, and 
>benefits of choosing each alternative; select the most promising 
>alternative or course of action; and commit to action, even in 
>uncertain situations.  This includes the willingness to bring issues 
>into the open and attempt to resolve them in a collaborative manner.
>(6) Ability to Exercise Judgment and Discretion:  The Ability to 
>demonstrate awareness of the likely consequences or implications of 
>their own actions and ability to work within the context of 
>agency/organizational/departmental standards. this includes behaving 
>appropriately in all types of situations, (e.g., with colleagues, 
>clients, media/press), using discretion, and being sensitive to 
>(7) Ability to Interact Responsibly, Collaboratively, and 
>Effectively with Others and Build Coalitions and Professional 
>Networks:  The ability to build and maintain an effective working 
>relationship with senior leadership, managers, supervisors, 
>individuals, organizations, other government agencies and 
>contractors.  Promoted teaming, and optimize individual and 
>organizational effectiveness.  This includes the ability to marshal 
>the expertise of other individuals and/or programs to accomplish 
>goals and articulate problems and issues.
>(8) Ability to Lead and Effect Change:  The ability to lead and 
>effect change in carrying out the organizational mission that 
>integrates key goals, priorities, values, etc. This includes 
>championing ideas that promote the mission with enthusiasm, 
>conviction, and assertiveness; gaining support and commitment from 
>others; motivating and inspiring others; and applying new and 
>emerging technologies to improve work efficiencies, productivity, 
>and customer service.
>(9) Ability to Communicate Orally:  The ability to speak clearly, 
>politely, and under control to peers, staff, managers, supervisors, 
>and external audiences to both provide and seek information.  This 
>also includes actively listening to and understanding information; 
>and listening to and answering questions thoughtfully and completely.
>Your resume is important to this application process.  It will be 
>reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications 
>referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume 
>that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work 
>experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you 
>would bring to the position.
>The Library of Congress will evaluate applicants using the 
>information provided in your resume.  Reviews are intended to 
>explore applicants' experience, knowledge, and training directly 
>related to the job in order to identify the best qualified 
>applicants for selection.
>For Executive Schedule positions, applicants do not need to respond 
>to specific competency questions but will be requested to answer one 
>question related to how they became aware of this job opportunity.
>To preview questions please 
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