[Greater-baltimore] Tech Sessions at State Convention... You won't want to miss these!

Melissa Ann Riccobono melissa at riccobono.us
Tue Oct 23 19:46:52 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

Here are the descriptions of the exciting sessions we'll be having regarding
technology at the state convention. For exact times and location, please see
the convention agenda-which will be posted to the lists and the web soon.


Accessible Tablet Showdown! 

Microsoft's Windows 8 Slates with Narrator, Google's Jelly Bean (Android) on
the Nexus 7, and the Apple  iPad with VoiceOver! We are in an unprecedented
era of mainstream computer companies wanting to provide access out of the
box, but which actually succeed?  Who has Braille support? What about ease
of use? I'm tired of tapping things out on the on-screen keyboard.  Can I
add a real one already?  How is the experience with Web browsing, mail,
music, video, and books? Which devices provide a "Touching Experience," and
which should come with a "Do Not Touch" sticker?  These and many other
questions will be answered in this session.


So You Want to be an iPhone User?

You say that the shiny new features of the iPhone 5 have made you curious to
dip your toes into the world of iOS.  Or perhaps, that you love your iPhone
(iPad or iPod Touch), but you really don't know what else you can do with
it.  No problem!  Visit this session for information on the wonderful world
of Apple's portable devices.  We will cover the different varieties of iOS
device, some of the basics of getting started, and for those of you who
already have and love your Apple device, some discussion of ways to make it
more powerful.  Bluetooth Braille, keyboards, accessories, and of course,
Apps, will all be discussed.  (Note: this will be a progressive session,
with the basics discussion before we get into Apps, and more advanced
topics, so if you already have a good grasp on iOS, feel free to come for
just the latter half of the session).  


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