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Tue Apr 28 12:04:07 UTC 2015

Dear Friends:

We received the below information from the member of the Baltimore City Council who represents the district where the National Federation of the blind headquarters is located. I thought it would be of use to those of you who live and/or work in the city. I hope that everyone is safe and well after the recent very sad events that have occurred. Please do not hesitate to let your Federation family know of any needs you have and we will try to assist.


Chris Danielsen, Chapter President

Community and Business Leaders,

In light of yesterday's events, as you prepare to start your day, I wanted to provide some basic updates. I remain in constant contact with Emergency First Responders and have been at the City's Emergency Operations Center since 630pm on Monday. I will continue to share new information as it becomes available.

1.       Public Transportation and Mass Transit - At this time, MARC, Amtrak, MTA Buses, Light Rail, the Circulator, Harbor Connector, and Water Taxi all expect to operate on their normal schedules, however services have not yet been confirmed.

2.       No Major Road Closures - At this time, there are no major road closures as a result of Monday's events.

3.       Schools Closed - City Public Schools and Catholic Schools have been closed for Tuesday, April 28.

4.       Night-Time Curfew - The curfew will begin Tuesday, April 28. The night-time curfew for all citizens (with the exception of emergency personnel and those commuting to and from work for essential functions) will be in effect daily, from 10pm - 5am for what is estimated to be a period of at least one week. It is important to note that all businesses will be required to be closed by 10pm. Violation of this curfew may result in arrest.

5.       Day-Time Youth Curfew - The curfew will begin Tuesday, April 28, at 5am. The day-time youth curfew will be in effect daily from 5am - 10pm for what is estimated to be a period of at least one week. The curfew prohibits youth age 17 or younger from being outside unless they are traveling to or from school, work, a recreation center, or are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Violation of this curfew may result in arrest.

6.       Recreation Centers Open - The City's Recreation Centers will be open during their normal operating hours.

7.       Orioles Games - No determination on Orioles home games has been made, however, any game scheduled for a 7pm start has a reasonable expectation to go past 10pm, and therefore run the risk of being postponed. The Orioles currently have games scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 705pm and Sunday at 135pm. Please plan accordingly that Orioles games could be postponed or moved to an earlier start time.

8.       911 System is Up and Running - The City has experienced an unprecedented volume of 911 calls and was able to effectively respond. The wait time is down, but may fluctuate based on the volume of 911 calls received. It is important that callers remain on the line to report all emergency situations, and that they do NOT hang up, as this requires a call back from the 911 operator who could instead be responding to another call.

9.       Trash & Recycling Pick-up and Streetsweeping scheduled to occur - At this time, DPW services such as trash and recycling pick-up and street sweeping are expected to occur as regularly scheduled.

10.   Most Recent Update From Baltimore Police Department (BPD) from 311am: "As of this message, rioters have set fires to businesses and properties around the City, as recently as 217am. However, the pace has slowed considerably and the City is now largely quiet. BPD remains deployed in several areas while BCFD works to extinguish remaining fires. There were approximately 20 officers injured tonight, and some are still being treated at area hospitals The National Guard has been activated an is currently present in Baltimore. The National Guard will be used to protect critical infrastructure around the City. Baltimore is receiving aid from jurisdictions throughout the State, and we are grateful for their assistance. City agencies are preparing to implement clean-up efforts.  As previously reported, curfew is in effect tomorrow from 10pm until 5am. We will be heavily enforcing the curfew. BPD is actively working to gather intelligence on any additional rioting or looting planned for tomorrow. Please implore all parents and other members of your community to keep their kids home tomorrow."

Thanks, Eric
Eric T. Costello
Baltimore City Council, 11th District

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