[Greater-baltimore] Seeking Volunteers to help with Braille Project

Melissa Lomax melissalomax1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 20:31:59 UTC 2015

Hello everyone!

At national convention, the NFB of Maryland is selling several games.
One of these games is Quiddler, a  card game that gives point values
to letters in order to gain the highest score while spelling.  This is
a  great game for children learning to spell and adults who love the
power of words.  Selling this game last year was a  success.

This year, I  am looking for people willing to assist with brailling
Quiddler.  The best method, I  found, is using a  slate and stylus
(without clamping the pegs) and placing the letter and number value in
two corners.  You can also use a  braille writer for the same results.
If you are interested in helping, any assistance helps!  You can take
a  half deck, 1  whole deck, or up to 10.  Let me know if you can help
with this project!  I  can give more specifics for brailling and I
can deliver the cards or mail them to you.

Give me a  call at 410-608-6118 if you have any questions!

Melissa L.

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