[Greater-Baltimore] Update

Ronza Othman rothmanjd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 02:16:24 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I just wanted to check in and let folks know how I'm doing.  After several
unsuccessful minor surgeries this summer on my back, I had a more invasive
surgery this past Monday.  I had the surgery here in Chicago and I'll be
staying for the next couple of months for physical therapy and recovery.
When the surgeon finally got in, he found that I had significantly more
spinal nerve damage than we realized, so my recovery time will be slow.  I'm
up and walking a little - one end of the room to another a couple times a
day - and we're really pleased with that right now.  I still have pretty
severe pain and the muscle spasms are like nothing I've felt before.  The
nerves are very angry, and it'll take a while to calm them down.  I also
have to learn how to sit up and walk normally again in therapy, as the nerve
and muscles have forgotten how to do that.  



All in all, I'm doing really well and I'm excited about the treatment and
recovery plan.  I hope to write an article at some point about why parents
should insist on their kids' learning Braille even if they are high
partials, because all of my doctors agree that if I wasn't sitting and
leaning forward to get closer to see print, I would not be having these
challenges.  So word to the wise: not teaching your blind kid Braille when
he/she is young can result in tons of pain later.literally.



Hope you are all well.




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