[Greater-Baltimore] Fwd: T-Shirts anyone?

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Oct 3 02:18:26 UTC 2016

>From: "Debbie Brown" <deborahb14 at verizon.net>
>To: "David Andrews" <dandrews at visi.com>
>Subject: T-Shirts anyone?
>Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2016 18:39:33 -0700
>Please post the following to NFB listservs.
>We are looking for about 6 T-shirts for an NFB Meet the Blind month 
>activity.  Anyone with T-shirts to sell with a general NFB message, 
>with no reference to cities, affiliates or divisions, should contact 
>Debbie Brown by email 
>(<mailto:deborahb14 at verizon.net>deborahb14 at verizon.net) or phone 
>Debbie Brown, President
>Sligo Creek Chapter
>NFB of Maryland
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