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Happy New Year everyone,

This is a reminder that comments are still being accepted for the
MTA's Proposed BaltimoreLink system.  There are several public
hearings between now and January 19, where MTA will explain the new
routes and take individual comments.  Additionally, there are
instructions for submitting comments online, by phone, or snail mail.
I am re-posting all of the information below.

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Hello everyone,

The latest version of the BaltimoreLink bus network redesign is now
available.  In June of 2017, MTA is implementing the BaltimoreLink
Network to

improve service quality and reliability of MTA's bus routes.
BaltimoreLink Network consists of color-coded city link routes that
connect to

local routes designated by number in many neighborhoods.  All current
bus numbers will be changed, but many of the proposed routes will be
similar to the current routes.  The system also contains sever
improvements.  For example, the 64 that currently serves National
Center will be replaced by the City Link Silver that extends to
University Parkway with select trips to Morgan State University.

 I encourage everyone to study the proposed BaltimoreLink routes.
Accessible documents are available for download in both pdf and word



I have read these documents with jaws, and they can be navigated by
headings. The tables are readable.  The documents are divided

into two volumes.  Volume 1 contains an overview of BaltimoreLink.
Volume 2 contains turn by turn directions for each route.  First, I
recommend looking at the table "Crosswalk of current and proposed
routes" to determine which routes you travel regularly.  Then check
the "route sheet instructions" to see how it might affect your travel.

Comments can be submitted, until February 21, 2017, and information
can be requested by filling out the forms available online at


Additionally, public hearings will be held across Baltimore City and
County from January 4-19, 2017.  The hearings are excellent
opportunities to talk with MTA staff and ask questions about how the
new system will affect the routes that you travel regularly.  The
public hearing schedule is

posted at


I serve on advisory committee for MTA, and I would be happy to discuss
this further off list.

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