[Greater-Baltimore] [MD-Sligo] Sad News: Lloyd Rasmussen

Judy A. Rasmussen -DORS- judy.rasmussen at maryland.gov
Mon Sep 27 12:43:13 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you who sent kind words and thoughts to me when Lloyd
died. I am trying to respond to each of you. It has taken me a while to
read everybody’s messages, but I will.

The memorial service for my beloved Lloyd will be held on Saturday, October
16 at 11:00 am at the Presbyterian Church of the Atonement, 10613 Georgia
Ave., Silver Spring, MD.  All are welcome. There will be a catered luncheon
after the service. Call me at 301-946-8345 with any questions.


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Federation Family,

I am very sorry to share that our brother in the Federation, Lloyd
Rasmussen, passed away early this morning.  Lloyd was a brilliant man,
having been one of the first blind people to become an engineer and work in
his field; he served at the Library of Congress National Library for the
Blind and Print Disabled for nearly 46 years.  He helped develop and
implement dozens of NLS programs.  If you listen to talking books, you have
Lloyd to thank.  If you use BARD, you have Lloyd to thank.  If you have an
NLS Braille display, you have Lloyd to thank.  And these are just a few of
his contributions.

Lloyd was a fierce advocate for Braille, and he worked to make sure others
could access it.  In fact, Lloyd was responsible for creating and
formatting our state convention Braille agendas for literally decades.

Lloyd was an outstanding sound engineer and technology enthusiast.  In
fact, Lloyd has served as the audio engineer for all of the NFB of Maryland
Braille is Beautiful plays.

Lloyd loved music.  As a member of the Cane Raisers, he wrote or sang many
of the songs that are now our Federation melodies.

Lloyd also was a man of strong faith.  He led the affiliate’s Sunday
morning devotionals for many years.

Lloyd was also an amateur radio operator, having begun when he was in third
grade.  His call sign was W3IUU.

Lloyd previously served as President of the Sligo Creek Chapter in the
1980s.  He has served in many leadership roles since moving to Maryland in
1975.  When he passed, he was the chapter secretary.

Lloyd leaves behind his beloved wife of 40 years, Judy Rasmussen.

Lloyd’s services will take place later this week in Iowa.  There will be a
memorial service at a later date, and we will share information once it is

Please keep Lloyd, Judy, and their friends and family in your thoughts and

*Ronza Othman, *President

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland


Pronouns: she, her, hers

The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland knows that blindness is
not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise
the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.

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