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Three cheers for sharing this information Marsha! It is absolutely insulting to suggest requiring an identification card is onerous to any class, race, religion or otherwise distinctive group of individuals. IDs are available for free to those who need them, and today in this country and every other developed nation on earth, you cannot visit a doctor, ride public transportation, transact business at any financial institution or otherwise engage in the exercise of social, economic or entertainment activity without an identification card. The idea that requiring an ID constitutes voter suppression is an insult to the intellectual capacity of the individuals who are supposedly oppressed by such a requirement.

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On Jul 9, 2021, at 12:51 PM, Marsha Drenth via NFBP-Talk <nfbp-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:

 saw this on Facebook and thought it was important that folks from the affiliate read it. 

Original poster is Joe Orozco: There is a provision in NFB resolution 2021-02 that makes it difficult to support. It states, in part:

“WHEREAS, the time and expense in obtaining state issued ID or other forms of identification can be onerous and therefore create a barrier for voters with disabilities”

This provision is counterproductive to an organization whose mission proclaims equality and independence and feels more like a nod toward a political agenda that would have you believe that people with disabilities are incapable of obtaining a state ID. We cannot argue blind people are capable of holding down gainful employment, raising children, traveling, and cooking but somehow fall flat when it comes to obtaining government identification.

It’s ironic the provision makes reference to time and expense during convention season when, under normal circumstances, blind people would spend ample time and expense attending a convention in person. Surely the author was not suggesting blind people can make arrangements to travel across the country once a year but experience an undue burden getting themselves to a DMV across town once every several years, and maybe not even then considering some states allow you to renew your ID online.

Obtaining an ID is onerous? Flipping over to the REAL ID could be considered onerous, not just for the blind but for the population at large. Unless the author was suggesting blind people would find it taxing to fly in future, we should probably rethink this provision or come up with a proclamation demanding the blind be excluded from this federal mandate, something an organization like the NFB would be hard pressed to support considering how hard we have fought to be included.

This provision is not about voter suppression. Blind people as a whole have not been blocked from polling places or intimidated or physically attacked for attempting to exercise their right to vote. This is a poor attempt to squeeze blind people into a minority class with legitimate claims to voter suppression. With few exceptions, elections are predictable, and if a blind person chooses not to obtain the proper identification to be able to vote, it is their prerogative but not an indication of a suppressed right.

The NFB should not become a political party’s soundbite. If the Democratic party believes strongly in ensuring the equality for persons in the electoral process, they should be taking the lead in pushing for accessible ballots. Anything less is nothing more than lip service and a gross emotional marketing attempt, using your disability to score political points.

Stop serving as somebody else’s pawn. Keep politics out of the resolution. Don’t use language that shoves us back by decades.

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