[Mn-abs] LOL Squared Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest for Kids!

Jennifer Dunnam via Nfbmn-news nfbmn-news at nfbnet.org
Sat Oct 31 02:28:23 UTC 2015

LEADERS CONTEST FOR KIDS The National Federations 
of the Blind of Illinois & Minnesota have joined 
together to offer an annual Illinois/Minnesota 
Braille Readers Are Leaders contest for kids, 
grades K-12. Contestants compete to read the most 
Braille pages, going against other kids in 
similar grades at school. The contest runs for 
slightly over 7 weeks, encouraging kids to be 
proud of their Braille reading ability and to 
work to improve their skills -- while possibly 
winning prizes in the process. A thumbnail sketch 
of the contest: •a certifying official (parent, 
teaacher, etc.) should fill out and submit a 
registration form. This can be done as early as 
November 1, 2015, and as late as January 22, 
2016. •Kids enter in one of five grrade 
categories: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, & 9-12. •record 
Braaille pages read between December 1, 2015, and 
January 22, 2016, on a reading log. •the 
certifying official shoulld submit the reading 
log form by February 1, 2016. •Prrizes in each 
grade category are: first, $25; second, $15; 
third, $10. •to get the complete contest rules, 
registtration form, and the reading log form, 
visit the website, http://www.nfbofillinois.org, 
then go to link “LOL Squared BRAL Contest.” 
•submit the registration form andd the reading 
log as E-mail attachments to 
ibralcontest at gmail.com. If you have questions, 
contact: Deborah Stein E-mail: ibralcontest at gmail.com phone number: 773-203-139 

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