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Linda Mentink mentink at frontiernet.net
Mon Sep 28 17:58:22 CDT 2009

Hi Cindy,

I forgot that she was on this list, or I would have posted Dave's 
message.  I'm sorry; I don't have any adresses for relatives.  I'll 
post one if I get one.


At 09:10 PM 9/27/2009, you wrote:
>Perhaps all of you knew this before I did; I just learned it when I was
>conducting a memorial service at the NFB of Iowa Convention today. I learned
>that Julie Vogt passed away a couple of weeks ago. A lonely, yet rather
>vibrant blind musician, she had lived a Christian life. She was active in
>church, favoring those churches with a more African-American bent, I think.
>Sometimes we had E-mail conversations; then we went for long periods
>without. She liked to cook ethnic foods (African-American), and she sent me
>a method for preparing greens. I think I'll do that in her memory. She was
>passionate, probably often misunderstood, and struggling to find exactly
>where she could do the most. I learned she had lung cancer at the convention
>in July; I am sad to have learned how quickly it took her; yet perhaps this
>was more merciful than cruel. I do so wonder if anyone knows how to reach
>members of her family that I might express my sadness for them.
>Thanks. Sad that such a musical life couldn't stay and bless the world a
>little longer.
>Cindy Lou Ray
>Cindy Lou Ray
>Each day is a new adventure
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