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This may be good for musicians who want to get recorded! I don't know any
more than what is in the email.

Brandon Keith Biggs

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Hi All,

I recently asked for feedback about a project to support blind and
visually impaired musicians, and have received some very positive
comments. I've also discussed the idea with people who may be able
to help get this off the ground, by bringing in the right skills, and
finding funding to make it fly.

Details of the project follow, but what we need next is some examples
of people who would like to take part, and who would benefit, by
getting your music recorded and promoted. The ultimate goal is for
you to get a kick start, or a boost to your musical activities, so
that you are more widely heard and, if it's what you want, more able
to make music as a viable career.

Rather than a survey or questionnaire, I'm just asking for a few
lines, more if you like, to tell me what you do, what you'd like to
do, and what you need in the way of support. If it helps, you could
use these three questions as a starting point:
At the moment, how do you make, record and/ or market music?
What do you see as the next stage of your career?
What support would you like to get you to the next stage?

If possible, please let me have examples of your music, which you can
provide in any form you like, whether it be online clips or
downloads, Emailed files, or a CD or tape through the post.

If you respond, I promise to keep you posted as things move on, and
you could be first in line to be included when this goes live. In
the meantime, I have set up an Email group to discuss how this should
work and be developed. If you'd like to subscribe, please send an
Email to this address:
vibe-request at freelists.org
In the subject line write:

Now here is a summary of the idea:

VIBE is a platform, a springboard, and a showcase, for excellence
among blind and VI musicians, as well as audio engineers and producers.

It's also a support network and resource, for us to master,
counteract, and deal with, the regrettable but very real difficulties
we face, in promotion and marketing, as well as accessibility both
genral and technological.

The vision is of a recognisable and identifiable resource, a place
that collects together examples of excellent musicians in all genres,
a little like a record label, but using web and social networking
such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter, including
streaming and downloading, through the likes of iTunes and Amazon,
and perhaps showcase CD's and live events.

At the core of VIBE, is excellence in performance and production,
driven by VI and blind people with the necessary skills, in
collaboration with others wherever needed.

The benefit to you as a musician is that you will get help to create
the best possible recordings of your work, and then have that work
'out there' to reach as wide an audience as possible, using all the
best techniques that are currently available.

The same applies to producers and engineers, with the advantages of
gaining valuable experience, and providing and sharing training and
support where needed, .

That is the basic idea. I'm still keen to know what people think. I
have hesitated a lot over the notion of special treatment for VI
people rather than everyone competing on an equal footing in the
mainstream, but ultimately, I think that this is the reality we
face. In an ideal world, things like UKVISE, Extant and other
support organisations shouldn't have to exist, but we need to operate
in the real visual world, so I think the next steps are to form a
small steering group of people with the skills we need, and to look
for funding so that we can start some real work, including a pilot
project with examples, and forming a plan to make this
sustainable. I need your feedback now to prove that there is a real
need for this work, and to give examples of the range and quality of 

Please contact me (peter at soundlinks.com) with those few lines about
you and your needs, hopes and dreams, musical examples, or, to let me
know your thoughts on how this should be developed.

Be assured that your responses, examples and details will be treated
as confidential, and only shared with your permission.

Peter Bosher



Peter Bosher,
Email: peter at soundlinks.com
Tel': (+44) (0) 1494 794 797
Fax: (+44) (0) 1494 583 146
SoundLinks Limited,
43 Broadlands Avenue,

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