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I would say it probably would take some getting used to if you want to play
acoustic guitar.  I can tell you from experience that on my acoustic, the
strings do dig in a bit until you have built up some tougher skin.  I would
probably recommend electric guitar since it is easier on the fingers.  Yes I
do have both, and I enjoy playing both.  Yes, the digital keyboards with
really good sound are expensive.  Even the half size one I have from Roland
was over a grand.  Hope this helps a little.  I cannot answer your Braille
reading question since I don't read Braille.

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  I'm sorry if this posted but I had sent it from the wrong address.
I wanted to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. I am fEden Kizer
and I am from Portland, Oregon. I love playing piano and have recently
picked it up I'm still not very good although while learning all the basics
I am also tryingto learn a very difficult Tori Amos piece. I had the notes
audio transcribed, but it is expensive. I bought the Gdfeel software but I'm
really at a loss how to use it I may have bought something wan over my skill
level.  i'm also looking for other solutions as I do not have sighted
friends who read music who could correct scanning errors. Have any of you
scanned music propperly. Also do you know where to find files of this
musicxml format they say the software needs. They probably do not have stuff
for popular songs as it's open source, but I don't know. Also my keyboard I
do not like is a Ypg235 because the sound is not real enough. Having looked
around, it looks like the digital pianos that will meet my sound needs run
between 1 and 2 grand. Recommendations on which you like don't like find
easy to use. Also for those of you who play acoustic guitar, does it take
more finger strength than piano and will the callouses make it hard to read
braille as that is my main mode of communication. Also I would love to meet
other blind musicians from the Portland, OregonstVancouver, Washington area.
Thanks. Eden

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