[nabs-l] Skill Training and Reinforcement for High School Students

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And, guys, don't chase the girls, either!  A blind acquaintance of mine from 
college (not on this list) did that and got into a heap of trouble!


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> Let me answer the questions one by one:
> 1. I received lots of Braille training when I was just a girl of about
> five years old, but didn't receive too much homemaking skills because
> I didn't get the chance or the teacher had a heavy caseload.  The
> teacher worked within the school district.  We tried getting an
> extended school year for me so I could get homemaking skills and all.
> I even tried the DAytona rehab center's homemaking classes, but they
> simply weren't enough.  But part of it was my confidence level, which
> was very low.  So after working now with the Lighthouse of the Big
> Bend in Tally, I think my confidence level is getting higher in that
> area, but I can't really reinforce it because I'm on a meal plan.
> 2. One thing I would highly recommend for students to reinforce their
> skills is to ask their parents if they can help in the kitchen.  My
> friend Carlos says that sometimes parents won't let their blind
> children near the kitchen.  My mom?  She's cool with it.  She'll have
> me snapping beans every Thanksgiving and she'll even let me boil eggs!
> 3. I participated in band and chorus, but I don't think it was enough
> to develop my social skills.  One thing I would recommend is to really
> start learning those social skills at a young age, and there's
> something else that I'd recommend as well: girls, don't chase the
> guys.  I had a huge problem with that, and still do.  I've had TWO
> GUYS come up to me and complain about the way I act, and I think
> they're right, sadly.
> Beth
> P.S. Happy Thanksgiving.
> On 11/25/08, Arielle Silverman <arielle71 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> A while ago, I started a discussion on the list about skills that are
>> important for high school students to master before transitioning into
>> college, work, and adult life in general. Since then I have been asked
>> to help write a page for the new NABS Web site  describing these skill
>> goals as well as resources for high school students to use to sharpen
>> their skills and confidence in preparation for transitioning after
>> graduation. Of course, we will provide information about the summer
>> youth programs at each of the three NFB training centers. But for
>> those high schoolers who can't get to a training center or who want
>> additional support during the year, I need your input about other
>> practical ways that these students can work on building their skills
>> while still in school. A few more specific questions for you guys:
>> 1. Did any of you receive Braille, travel, home management, etc.
>> training from someone in your local area outside of your school
>> district? If so, who was it and how did you find this teacher?
>> 2. What are some suggestions for things students can do every day to
>> reinforce their skills in Braille, computers, travel, and home
>> management after initially learning them? (For example, a Braille tip
>> would be to try to read Braille books for pleasure as much as
>> possible).
>> 3. What kinds of  extracurricular activities, camps, etc. did you guys
>> participate in that you feel contributed to your skill development?
>> Please tell us about your experiences--I'm hoping to include as many
>> ideas from the list as possible in this Web page.
>> Thanks everyone for your contributions. You are helping to mentor and
>> support the next generation of blind youth!
>> Happy Thanksgiving!
>> Arielle Silverman
>> First Vice-President, National Association of Blind Students
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