[nabs-l] Is this really innovation? (Was: The Optelec FarView)

T. Joseph Carter carter.tjoseph at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 20:44:12 UTC 2008

Oh look, it's a digital camera, with crappy storage and video output to a 
nearby screen.  I've got a Canon that will do most of this stuff, although 
you really have got to hold it very still if you want a clear picture of 
text on a whiteboard across the room, but you can do it.  It'll store 
thousands of pictures on a single SD card too, not 100.  It's got a bigger 
screen than my digital camera, but I bet it's got a lot bigger price tag 
too.  Any takers?

Also, how many people on the nabs list have taken or will take a test 
provided by ETS?  They're not going to let you use a device that can take 
pictures of the test!


On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 11:32:08PM -0600, David B Andrews wrote:
> >>> "Optelec U.S., Inc." <noreply at optelec.com> 12/5/2008 10:10 AM >>>
> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsosDa__HCpjPGhrz0G7KJ64hpCkVDepK1IZIevXKwKX6gZk0RY6CTSEsJDXKX0DH9idXLstt68uD7SESL9rW5vgCuyXT8dW5Bms=>
> www.Optelec.com
> November 28th, 2008
> For more information, contact:
> Kelly O'Neill
> Marketing Coordinator
> KellyO at Optelec.com
> 800-826-4200 x227
> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsos3boUVk3ze9vd3-LPpUqVEXMTz6Vb_dKwVH1df43Jkr36gsR0SaQyIuk2V6q0BXLfLHBEvbwdHWU0Z6-SuD7COjJ3u2gfWfkVLht_a9708PM_KbRfgH3EY5wuKGKb3VowZCsVwt8d0jf9HXlSH2xZuEPTv3_R6jHaU8E1jn_9mZ4orY2sFOCBJghh9PlSlfSs=>
> Optelec FarView
> Optelec Announces Innovated Near and Distance
> Low Vision Solution with the FarView
> Vista, CA, November 28th, 2008 Optelec, the world leader in innovative 
> and assistive technology for visually impaired and blind people, 
> announced the release of FarView, a portable and powerful magnification 
> solution that redefines how low vision users are able to access, store, 
> review and share information.
> The unique design of the Optelec FarView and incomparable functionality 
> of near and distance viewing sets a new standard for other portable and 
> desktop devices currently on the market.
> Using a centralized, auto focus camera and six different viewing modes 
> the FarView allows the user to view from a distance as well as up close. 
> Viewing notes on the board, reading the menu at coffee shops, and 
> traveling independently has never been easier!
> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsos3boUVk3ze9vd3-LPpUqVEXMTz6Vb_dKwVH1df43Jkr36gsR0SaQyIuk2V6q0BXLfLHBEvbwdHWU0Z6-SuD7COjJ3u2gfWfkVLht_a9708PM_KbRfgH3EY5wuKGKb3VowZCsVwt8d0jf9HXlSH2xZuEPTv3_R6jHaU8E1jn_9mZ4orY2sFOCBJghh9PlSlfSs=>
> Optelec FarView
> The FarView enables the user to store the data for up close review in  
> more detail at any time. Capture a complete document or multiple pages of 
> a book or magazine. Up to 100 images can be stored on the device and 
> accessed at any given moment. Stored images can be adjusted to the users 
> needs via an integrated menu. Ergonomic scrolling buttons help the user 
> to navigate through any document easily and comfortably, with an 
> auto-scroll function which brings the user back to the beginning of the 
> text line within a snap. Adjust images and text to the needs of the user 
> though rotation, picture alignment, contrast and brightness settings.
> Also, FarView offers the user flexibility to connect to an external  
> monitor or PC, encouraging the user to access printed text and photos  
> comfortably and efficiently, and share this information with colleagues, 
> friends and family.
> We are ecstatic to be bringing a product such as FarView to an industry 
> thirsting for innovation, states Michiel van Schaik, CEO of Optelec 
> Holding B.V. We at Optelec are 100% committed to combining the 
> intelligence within a product with a flexible, powerful design in order 
> for the consumers of our products to exponentially receive more  
> functionality for the money that they spend.
> Whether the needs are for on-the-go portability, viewing street signs, 
> storing class notes, reviewing important documents, reading the morning 
> newspaper or sharing information the Optelec FarView puts freedom and 
> independence in the palms of the user.
> Optelec expects to be delivering FarView to users in January, 2009.  
> Contact your local Optelec distributor or sales office for more  
> information and pricing details.
> About Optelec US
> Improving the quality of life of visually impaired and dyslexic people, 
> reaching out with simple and effective solutions, Optelec was founded in 
> 1985 and is recognized as the worldwide market leaders in providing 
> innovative solutions for the blind, visually impaired and learning 
> disabled. The companys flagship ClearView+ line has led the industry in 
> high quality, innovative products that effectively improve the daily 
> lives of the visually impaired. In January 2007, Tieman U.S., Holding 
> Company to Optelec U.S. spun off ShopLowVision.com  
> (<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsovstdyAugFOFd8QMlu_HoXOc1Hq87ohwBBw5pkKlTivlMhqHfNTeDOc6UgAvUjyTdNLlSpWKGncaPvC27d4PDbaaRRb-2SReNRT-xbVezmTgA==>www.ShopLowVision.com) 
> and LowVision.com  
> (<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsovwULHfQQ-YVAqy6-DXFO89YikyYoi1umYNubskrv_nQ-Vh8qSu4sKIlKpAd_Jgj5XADccAlpau53wuMhjymQjZb3pMYAI6JG6XU5sWrQJ0cA==>www.LowVision.com) 
> as a sister companies, providing the one-stop-shop for optical,  
> non-optical and daily living aids products solutions and education for 
> eye care professionals and consumers. Visit us at  
> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsosDa__HCpjPGhrz0G7KJ64hpCkVDepK1IZIevXKwKX6gZk0RY6CTSEsJDXKX0DH9idXLstt68uD7SESL9rW5vgCuyXT8dW5Bms=>www.optelec.com.
> <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001W_9jnAkMsos3boUVk3ze9vd3-LPpUqVEXMTz6Vb_dKwVH1df43Jkr36gsR0SaQyIuk2V6q0BXLfLHBEvbwdHWU0Z6-SuD7COjJ3u2gfWfkVLht_a9708PM_KbRfgH3EY5wuKGKb3VowZCsVwt8d0jf9HXlSH2xZuEPTv3_R6jHaU8E1jn_9mZ4orY2sFOCBJghh9PlSlfSs=>
> Optelec FarView
> www.Optelec.com
> www.Optelec.com
> www.Optelec.com
> Optelec.com | 3030 Enterprise Court, Suite C, Vista, CA 92081 | 800-826-4200
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