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Does that apply to print watches, too?  I know on braille watches they go in five minute incroments - so if the long hand is on the 12 and the short hand is on the 3 it's three o'clock, or if the long hand's on the 2 (or the equivalent) it's 3:10, or ifr they are together on the 3 it's 3:15, etc.  I would just guess it it was about in the middle that it is "3:02, or "3:03," or if it's a little closer to the next number maybe it's 3:04, etc.  Does that help?

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I spend a lot of time with a Judy Clock doing student teaching, so I have 
developed the ability to read minutes on an analog clock, but very few 
people ever try to read the minutes with any precision on an analog watch.  
You're more likely to get "It's about ten after one."  And lo
and behold, 
it is about ten after one in Oregon.  1:08 to be exact.

On Mon, Dec 08, 2008 at 03:13:21PM -0500, Rania wrote:
>Hi I just got a braille watch. I have never had one before. It has bin a
long time since I learned how to read off of a braille clock so I am finding
reading the braille watch is a llittle difficult to read. I can find the hour
hand but I am having a hard time with the minutes like when it should be 1:08.
Any tips?
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