[nabs-l] Walking at Graduation

Liz Bottner liz.bottner at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:43:08 UTC 2008

Hey Harry, 

When I graduated both high school and college, I walked across the stage
totally independently with my guide dog. I made it very clear that if at all
possible, I wanted to walk across by myself. During my college graduation,
someone walked behind me in the aisle of seats, just to make sure I was
going the right way, and then that person stopped at the stage, allowing me
to go up completely on my own, where I shook hands with the people I needed
to shake hands with and received my diploma cover. The  person who was
assisting me went around backstage, I think, and met me at the other side,
once I came down the stairs, to help make sure I got back to the correct

I don't remember that much about my high school graduation, sorry! Haha! 

Take care, 


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