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Christopher Kchao thisischris89 at gmail.com
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For now, voiceover is the only screen reader that's available for Mac.
Perhaps the most appealing quality about apple computers is that they come
talking right out of the box without the need to install third party (and
often expensive) software. To my knowledge, accessibility on the mac is
still a work in progress though it has certainly come a long way. Even so,
there are many blind people who use apple computers quite extensively in
their daily lives with little to no difficulty. If anything, you always have
the option of running windows by dual booting or using VMWare.
If you want more information, I encourage you to check out the
macvisionaries website and associated mailing list at
Hope this helps
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Macs are becoming very popular, and from what i have noticed they seem to
work a lot better and to be more efficient than pc's. I know this is
personal opinion, but i was curious if anyone has successfully used the
voice over screen reader that is already on mac books when you get them, or
if there is another screen reader that works with macs that would be better.


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